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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Graduation Gift Ideas >> Fireman Training Graduation Presents

Fire Fighter Training Graduation Gifts

Graduation from fire fighter training or fire department school is the first step in a career dedicated to public service through the protection of life and property in our local communities. When giving a gift to a new fireman upon graduation from fireman training there are many practical and useful gifts which can be considered which are a perfect way to mark the event. Gifts which are specific to the graduation and completed training are always well received. Remember that the gifts do not have to be fire fighter related to have an impact or show significance. Gifts related to personal hobbies or to family life can also be very appropriate at the time of graduation from fire fighter training school.

Like police officers or emergency medical response team members fire fighters spend their days dependent upon the equipment they use as part of their jobs. While the municipaility may provide many pieces of equipment the fireman may also have preferences for additional equipment or tools which are not provided by the employer.
Specific flashlights or gloves or eye glasses or footware are all critical pieces of equipment which a fire fighter, fireman or firewoman will use on a daily basis and can make excellent graduation gifts from fire training school. In addition to these daily kinds of equipment a new fire fighter might also be interested in additional training above and beyond what they received in fire school. Training guides, manuals, courses or seminars all make excellent gift ideas for the new fire person who has recently graduated from fire trainining school.

Personalized Gifts for the Fire Fighter School Graduate
One thing that might be very valued as a graduation gift for the new fireman is a personalized watch. A watch which meets the technical requirements of the job and has an inscription from a family member can begin to carry special meaning and be considering a good omen. Personalization on a set of ID tags or a helmet might also be a special and unique way to recognize the newly graduated fire fighter. Apart from equipment needs a fire fighter will also spend time residing at the fire station. Gifts which help to set up a comfortable and personal space at the fire station are a great idea. Photos, clocks, bedding and electronic games which can be used as entertainment during slow times all make great gifts to the fire fighter and fire department training graduate.

A fire person is a unique kind of public servant. Any family member who chooses to go in to the line of work of professional fire fighting deserves our respect and care. Considering quality gifts to present to the fire training school graduate is one way of helping that person get started and showing them the respect they deserve.