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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Graduation Gift Ideas >> Graduation Announcements and Invitations

Graduation Announcements

Graduation Announcements and Graduation Invitations are two distinctly different forms and should be well considered before being sent out to friends and family of the graduate. Another important point to note is that a graduation invitation may need to specify if the guest has been invited to the graduation ceremony, the graduation reception or both.

At we will give you a bit of insight on both Graduation Announcements and Graduation Invitations so that you can be prepared as the graduation day comes near.

Selecting a Graduation Announcement to Celebrate Graduation Day
A graduation announcement is designed to look very much like the Graduation Invitation. The colors of the school will typically be present as well as a school emblem or logo. The paper, the envelope and the printing will all be very similar between announcement and invitation as well.
The difference of course is in the wording and what message is sent to the recipient. A Graduation Announcement simply lets the recipient know that on a certain date a certain student will graduate from a certain institution with a certain degree. No response is requested, no gifts are expected and the recipient is simply informed, as a friend or distant family member, that the graduation will be taking place. Many times the recipient of a Graduation Announcement will in deed send along a card and possibly a cash gift but this is not obligatory. Graduation Announcements are typically sent to distant friends and family as well as to local parties who will not be invited to the actual ceremony because of space concerns and a limited guest list.

Selecting a Graduation Invitation for Guests who will be Attending Ceremonies and Receptions
The Graduation Invitation is more specific than the Graduation Announcement in that dates, times, locations and an actual invitation to attend (or ticket) are included in the wording. A Graduation Invitation will normally ask for an RSVP or response so that guest lists can be preapred as well as other critical details. One thing about the Graduation Invitation that needs to be made clear is if the invited guest is welcome at both the gradutaion ceremony and the reception or just the reception. Often times, due to space contraints, only the closest of family and maybe one friend can actually attend the Graduation Ceremony. Most Graduation Invitations are for a Graduation Reception to be held after the actual graduation ceremony and at a location described in the invitation.

It is easy to purchase Graduation Announcements and Graduation Invitations on line or at any stationery store. The learning institution may also have pre-arranged packages available from a preferred printer so that bulk discounts can be used. Remember to always print a few extra of each item to either be ready for mistakes when addressing or just to have some left over pieces for a scrap book and memory making. Graduation Invitations and Graduation Announcements are one of the important details so take your time to get just the right product as you will remember these for the rest of your life.