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Graduation Cake

"To graduate is like a crow Flying up into a tree. Once he gets there he can see All the children down below."

Graduation day, the most important event in a student's life remains incomplete without the fun and celebrations and the fun and celebrations remain incomplete without delicious

cakes. Cakes add upon a magic touch to the party mood. There are many recipes for the preparation of cakes which can be of various tastes. There are many ways of making the graduation cake special. The decoration of the cake makes it very special for the purpose of the occasion.

Several cake decorating pens are available with which the cakes could be decorated in a unique way by writing some beautiful lines on the cake. The graduation cakes could also be designed by miniature grad statues, graduation candles, grad caps and paper diplomas. Chocolate, sugar, butter, mint and different types of fruits could be used for decorating the cake. Edible colors, flavors and fragrances make the cake more attractive to look at. Jellies could be applied to make jello-cakes. For further decorations, frills, balloons, candles and ribbons could be used. This will enhance the brightness and beauty of the cake. is a wonderful online source of information dealing with the recipe, decorations and procedure of preparation of graduation cakes.
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