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Law School Graduation Gifts

While graduation from Law School is no douobt an accomplishment worthy of excellent gift giving, the graduate realizes this is really just the first step in a professional career of practicing law. Obtaining a degree in law provides the key which can open opportunities to take the Bar Exam and become a licensed and practicing Attorney. Most students who graduate with a law degree have a plan about becoming a lawyer in a large firm or starting their own practice of law in a specific area, serving a specific community. Graduation from Law School establishes that the foundation is in place to begin pursuing these areas of specialty and career opportunities, but receiving a law degree is just that first step. So what kinds of gifts are appropriate for a new graduate from law school?

It is important to recognize that a graduate from law school is very much like any other college or university graduate who is beginning the process of establishing home and career after completing a critical level of schooling. All of the pressures of building a home, dealing with financial obligations and starting a career are very real.
In particular there are many financial obligations which can seem almost overwhelming to the new law school graduate. Any kind of gift which assists in relieving some of these financial pressures is very appropriate. Assistance with student loans, housing expenses, auto or transportation expenses, and the costs of setting up a home are all excellent gift ideas. Gift cards to a variety of stores or a mall work very well. Clothing stores may also be included as a new wardrobe is more than likely going to be purchased. Assistance with housing costs is also very welcome as the new law school graduate seeks to get their feet on the ground.

Selecting a Graduation Gift Specifically for the Law School Graduate
Apart from those gifts which might appeal to any graduate from any advanced schooling the law school grad has some specific needs upon graduation which can make for excellent gift giving opportunities. Preparation for the Bar Exam is a serious goal and a gift can be given to assist with this process. Study books, tutors and mentoring programs all exist to help new law school graduates prepare for the Bar, a gift along these lines is very kind indeed. In addition a law school grad may desire to focus in a specific area of law and will begin to gain exposure in that specialty. Professional journals, conferences and learning environments exist for almost every specialized area in law. Subscribing to a journal, magazine or securing a reservation to attend a focused conference on a certain area of the law could be a wonderful graduation present for the newly minted law school graduate.

A critical part of becoming a successful attorney is the ability to network inside the professional community and gain exposure to a variety of law firms and practices. If you have a friend or family member who is willing to serve as a mentor, or if you yourself can take the new law school graduate under your wing, then this kind of gift may be the most significant for the law school graduate as they set out on their own.