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Montessori School Graduation Gifts

Gifts which acknowledge a Montessori Education and graduation are more than just presents symbolizing a graduation from a classroom or a school. A Montessori graduation marks the completion of a phase in a process of growth and understanding about how a student learns and develops. The education is as much for the student as it is for those around the student and the Montessori approach to life and learning can continue for a lifetime. Gifts which are meant to celebrate graduation from a Montessori School should keep in mind the Montessori Philosophy and play into the beliefs and learnings of the family and student.

The Montessori approach to life and learning is very wholistic. Allowing students to explore, discover, learn and investigate at a pace which they establish as comfortable is a guiding idea. Lesson plans and structured learning would be limited in a Montessori education and so keeping these beliefs in mind will allow you to choose the best and most appropriate gift to give at a Montessori graduation. Gifts which encourage exploration, reading, and problem solving are all good ideas.
In addition gifts which might emphasize cultural or social learning are also very appropriate. A Montessori student may excel in the arts or in physical play and activity or in the process of interacting with peers. Think about the student and a gift which expand their interests and you are heading down the right path.

Monterssori School Graduation Gift Ideas
When seeking out gifts to give to a Montessori School grauduate consider looking in places where toys, games or books which will encourage open play might be sold. Puzzle solving books and activities which encourage open ending answers via reading and synthisizing ideas are easy to find at local bookstores. There is a good amount of television put together by public broadcasting stations which helps learning in younger children or asks older students to think critically about history or science or important historical characters. Videos, CDs and electronic games which teach about and explore nature, biography and science are all excellent graduation gift choices for the Montessori Student.

When we talk about being a Montessori student we are really talking about a pattern of living and learning that will last for a lifetime. Probably the best gift which can be given is to serve as a role model for this kind of learning in your own life so the student will be exposed daily to the Montessori approach on growing wiser at all times.