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Graduation Poems

Each and every student remembers his or her graduation day for the entire life. Thus graduation is a very important occasion. We find innumerable famous poems on graduation written by numerous authors. The examples of few could be cited.

'Each of us must climb our separate mountain
to reach at last our own extended view.
We can be no more than what we are,
Yet that is quite enough for us to do...'
By William Byrd.
'Goodbye, dear friend and graduate!
Our golden time is over now,
Our time of nothing more than time,
Days of simply being friends.
But I will always treasure how'
'Your love for me slipped into mine,
Embracing me where courage ends.
Graduation is a time
For feeling very proud,
For thinking lots of lovely thoughts
And saying them out loud.'
By Claudio Monteverdi

'Graduation ought not be an end,
Replacing what within we might achieve.
After all, the good that we intend
does much to serve the good that we receive'
By Thomas Tallis

'Hail to the graduate!
Looking great and feeling fit!
Oh, so proud and full of it!
This day belongs to you.' is one of the best online sources of information regarding the famous graduation poems and their authors.