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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Graduation Gift Ideas >> Police Academy Graduation Presents

Police Academy Graduation Gifts

Gifts are required when a cadet graduates from police academy and becomes a rookie police officer. This graduation marks the beginning of an exciting career and should be marked with gifts which can make a nice impression as well as gifts which have special meaning to the police academy graduate.

Many people think about danger and risk when contemplating a police academy graduation. While these elements are certainly normal in a police career the gifts to mark police academy graduation do not have to focus on this aspect of the job alone. We at hope to give you some good ideas for gifts to present at a police academy graduation.

There are certain tools and items which a police officer will use every day after they graduate from police academy. Many of these tools are supplied by the police force but some may be personal or may be upgraded to make working the beat easier. For example graduates from police academy can benefit from a great flashlight.

A pair of gloves which make driving a car or riding a police bike or motorcycle more comfortable is another great gift idea. Upon graduation from police academy maybe the newly minted officer would want a pair of sunglasses that will make time in the car more comfortabe and safe.

More Gift Ideas for Police Academy Graduation
A new graduate may need supplies like clipboards, watches, whistles and first aid supplies to carry in a vehicle. Maybe something for the seat of the police car to make sitting all day more comfortable. Other new officers will want to stay in shape and may find exercise or work out equipment to be an excellent police academy graduation gift. Devices which may help with completing paperwork may be useful. Handheld games and electronic devices may also be good for times when the new officer is off duty but may not be able to be at home. If days might be long and cold warm undergarments and hats can aslo be great academy graduation gifts.

Of course police officers who graduate from academy have safety concerns as they enter the force. Finding magazines and training on continued safety proceedures is a good and caring gift idea. Helping an officer gain confidence in markemanship or hand to hand interactions can always pay high dividends down the line. Safety is also impacted by being calm so exposure to techniques which help a new police academy graduate stay calm can be useful, Yoga and Meditation come to mind as possibilities.

What ever idea you decide upon to present as a gift at the moment of graduation from police academy remember to thank the new officer for all the efforts they will take to keep family and community safe.