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Vacation Bible School Graduation Gifts

Graduation from Vacation Bible School is very often a time when a local church will celebrate their own youth and meeting new young people from the neighboring community. Giving gifts at a VBS graduation is a nice way to say thank you, congratulations and please remember all of the fun you had here at church this week. Vacation Bible School graduation gifts do not have to be anything very expensive or elaborate, kids do not always need or expect that kind of gift, however the graduation gifts related to Vacation Bible Sschool can be long lasting and significant.

The first thing that comes to mind when generating ideas for Vacation Bible School graduation gifts is to give a gift which is related to the Bible lessons taught during the week. Many times the publisher of the VBS materials will even have the option of purchasing VBS Graduation certificates or presents as part of the program.
If you are looking for your own idea you can consider little bookmarks with a scripture verse printed on them. Small New Testament Bibles are of course a wonderful idea. A photo of all the kids and instructors from the week at VBS which can be used like a yearbook for collecting autographs is also an excellent Vacation Bible School graduation present.

More Vacation Bible School Graduation Present Ideas
A large part of almost every VBS is the craft component where participants will make some kind of creative item which relates to the lessons being taught for the week. Sometimes these crafts can be set aside, framed, hung up or made special in some way and then given back to the kids at graduation time as a gift and thank you for attending. Graduation certificates are also easy to do and appreciated especially if they are individually signed by all of the leaders. One idea for a great gift is a "dog tag" on a chain for each child. You can have the scripture verse for the week engraved on the dog tag along with the name of the VBS participant. Tee shirts also make for great graduation gifts from Vacation Bible School and they can be worn again and again essentially broadcasting to an entire community about your church and the cool things you do for youth.

A Vacation Bible School graduation celebration party is most likely the one thing the kids want and will remember as the best gift of the week. Balloons and food of course are almost mandatory at any graduation party. Several games also work well like a sponge toss or a hit the instructor with cream pie activity. The fun and enthusiasm generated during the graduation party will likely be remembered just as long as any gift which is given during the VBS graduation ceremony.