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Husband Gag Gifts

It is said that a good dose of humor is a smooth lubricant in preserving and maintaining a relation between a man and his wife. The light hearted moments not only provide the much needed relief from the monotonous life, but also add a spark which livens up one’s life. So, a hearty laughter every now and then is a good way to keep a relationship strong and lively.
Keeping that in mind, you can give your husband a nice gag gift and surprise him with it, because it is bound to produce a good laughter or at least a smile. However, you should keep his sensibilities in mind and not overdo the joke, underlying the gift. A classic example of a gag gift for husband is a weird photo of your husband in a photo frame.

Use the photos which he has always liked and have them transformed into the weirdest forms. If he is someone who enjoys a good joke, then he will surely burst out laughing on seeing his wacky self.

Another great idea for a gag gift for husband is fart slippers. You can give him the slippers, pretending that these are regular ones. You can enjoy his confusion as he tries to figure out where the farting sound, along with his every step, is coming from. This unexpected joke would certainly bring forth laughter from your husband and the harbinger of this cute little prank – you!

Or you can be a little more resourceful and bring him something which can prove to be a higher level of amusing. If your husband is someone who enjoys outdoor sports but has not been able to pursue his interests due to severe work pressure, then there are a few options. An interesting gag gift for husband, who is fond of golf, is the potty putter. This will allow your husband to play golf, while he is in the washroom. A better bathroom gag gift for husband can be the runny nose shower gel or shampoo dispenser. Designed like a running nose, these dispensers eject liquid soap or shampoo, through what looks like the nostrils. If he enjoys a good joke, then he will surely enjoy this gag gift for husband.

You could also give your partner something which he can carry to his work place. A good example of this idea is something like a brand new but dirty looking coffee mug. Such mugs are often smeared with streaks of dirt and have a soiled appearance, making this the ideal gag gift, which he can enjoy in front of his colleagues.

If your husband has been neglecting your constant reminders regarding the over consumption of beer or other drinks, you can also give him a subtle hint by giving him a very unique gag gift for husband. The fake beer belly is not only a hilarious gift, but will also get the message along to your husband.

If your husband does not mind having pranks being played on him, then you can scare him with gag gifts like a fake snake. Place the snake in bed when he is not around and watch him scream or look scared! Once he gets over the shock, he will surely be amused by your idea of a gag gift for husband. Another interesting gag gift for husband can be a fake wig of a bald head, or a grey haired wig. If he is the kind who enjoys being the life of parties, then this will be the ideal accessory for him.

A gag gift is not meant to hurt the emotions of any person, especially when that person is your husband. You should bear in mind while giving such gag gifts to your husband that the idea is not to cause distress, but make him laugh out really, really loud!