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Unique Husband Gifts

Whatever be the occasion, every wife desires to present something unique to her husband. However, this becomes complex for them as men usually buy everything they want and do not wait for others to gift it to them. No matter how close the couple is, wives often find it difficult and wonder for days before selecting a unique gift for husband. If your husband is a sports fanatic, you can present him with a sports related gift. It might be tickets to watch his favorite game, even though you may absolutely hate it.
For instance, if your husband is a baseball fan, you can take him to watch his favorite team performing in front of him. You can also buy him sports collectibles like a memorabilia or player cards. If he is a diehard fan of a particular team or sportsperson, they usually have exclusive websites where you can shop online for leather goods, handbags, sports bags, apparel, mugs, hats, caps and other goods carrying team logo or the sportsperson’s autograph.

If he likes to play, a sports club membership is also a healthy, thoughtful and unique gift for husband.

For a husband who loves having latest gadgets, a gift of new mobile phone is perfect. However, if he had already bought himself a new cell phone and is in no mood to replace it, you can give him some useful mobile accessories to enhance the experience of his new cellular phone. Some of the useful mobile accessories include USB PC-connect cable cum mobile charger, Car mobile charger, Bluetooth hands-free, memory card and a phone case. To spice up things, you can create a beautiful gift basket of all these items and present it to your husband. Since all accessories are not included when you buy a phone, a mobile phone accessory is often considered a practical and a unique gift for husband.

If time & schedule permits, you can organize a short getaway to a local tourist spot or resort. If you have visited one before and have lovely memories of that trip, you can rekindle those special moments by vacationing again to that place. Don’t forget the camera and enjoy this unique gift for husband.

If your husband likes to play videogames, there are numerous games available for the gaming console (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo etc.) your husband has. If your husband owns a PlayStation and likes action-themed games, you can buy him Battlefield, Army of Two, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six and many other games. Since new games are released every week, a latest videogame will always be a unique gift for husband. And if he misses his PlayStation when he is on the move, you can always buy him a PSP (PlayStation portable) which combines quality gaming with multimedia player and Internet surfing.

A delicious home cooked candlelit dinner is also a unique gift for husband and a perfect way to show your love, desire and affection for him. Cook him his favorite meals & deserts and enhance the aroma of the room with flowers & scented candles. Play some light music in the background to add spice to the atmosphere and watch him appreciate this wonderful gesture.

There are a lot of unique gifts for husband and if you think with a relaxed frame of mind, you can come with something really unique that your husband would cherish. Don’t just ignore things which you believe are frivolous and useless. Make a list of gifts that your husband would truly appreciate. Consider pros & cons of each and then decide on the perfect gift for him.