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Kitchen Timer Gifts

You may have noticed your wife, sister or mother using a kitchen timer and finding it particularly useful for coordinating meals and cooking time. While a wall clock or a watch can function as a timer, kitchen timers are dedicated tools for setting countdowns for preparing a dish. This prevents over-burning and undercooking of food and allows one to concentrate on other kitchen chores.




When buying kitchen timer gifts, there are many styles and designs to choose from. These are great presents, especially for people, who like to cook new dishes seeking help from recipe books. One of the most popular kitchen timer gifts are digital kitchen timers, which are available in various designs and sizes. If one is cooking or baking a dish, a digital kitchen timer does a commendable job in preventing kitchen disasters. When buying a digital kitchen timer, look for something to fit your recipient’s kitchen needs.

You can find some great models that can do more than just counting the minutes and alerting when the meal is ready. For instance, you can buy digital kitchen timer gifts that are able to precisely scale the number of serving or portions. When one has to increase or decrease the number of servings in a recipe, the timer can proportionally increase or decrease the quantity of ingredients. Some models can even covert to and from cooking measuring units such as tablespoon, teaspoon and ounces as well as provide calculators for doing quick cooking related calculations.

If your recipient is a restaurant chef or likes multitasking when cooking, he or she will surely appreciate a gift of Triple Kitchen Timer. These kitchen timer gifts allow your recipients to set countdown for three dishes with three different timers, at the same time. The timer comes in handy as a fantastic aid, particularly when cooking a multi-course meal. These usually have three separate sections for each timer and are fitted with easy to use navigation buttons.

Mechanical timers are wonderful kitchen timer gifts and are especially appreciated by older people. Your grandmother or an elderly aunt will definitely appreciate this gift, particularly if she has difficulty in working with modern day digital timers. Moreover, these do not require any batteries to function and therefore have a longer life. Mechanical timers usually have a time range that varies from 1 to 60 minutes, but models with a higher time range are easily available.

When buying mechanical kitchen timer gifts, do not buy inexpensive timers, which can be inaccurate and fragile; try finding one which relies on an accurate clock mechanism. Traditional mechanical timers come in elegant designs and sizes, adding aesthetic elegance to the interiors of the recipient’s kitchen.

The oldest types of kitchen timers - hourglass timers, are more of novelty kitchen timer gifts. These are based on sand passing via a fine perforation to measure time. These are engineered to measure time accurately and because these don’t have any mechanical parts, the precision in timing is available for a longer time. These look very pretty on kitchen tables and are great decoration gifts as well.

A brilliant combination of the above mentioned kitchen timers, is a digital hourglass kitchen timer; the kitchen timer gift you were looking for. It marvelously combines classic with the contemporary; the traditional hourglass shape that has been in use since the middle of the third century, along with the advanced features of a digital timer. What makes these kitchen timer gifts unique is the perfect amalgamation of modern and historical aspects of time keeping.

Kitchen timer gifts are highly useful kitchen accessories, necessary for timing meals and are also wonderful decoration items to the kitchen shelf or table of your recipients. What makes these great presents is that these can also be used outside the kitchen. Your family or friends can use these to record times for family games, practice tests, exercise routines or as alarm clocks for those 20-minute power naps.