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Bird Watching Book Gifts

Bird Watching Book Gifts

Birds are considered one of God’s most beautiful creations as they are full of joy, color and life. Simply observing exotic & colorful birds can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity, which is why bird watching is a popular hobby worldwide. For such individuals who are fascinated by these exotic creatures, bird watching book gifts are ideal. Bird watching is not exactly a science but an informative book on bird watching can make this activity more fun and pleasurable for the bird watching enthusiasts.

For an individual who is interested in this activity but has no prior knowledge about the different aspects of bird watching, one of the best bird watching book gifts would be Bird Watching for Dummies written by Bill Thompson.

This is an extensively researched book that explains the different facets of bird watching in an easily comprehendible manner.

Bird Watching for Dummies gives you a comprehensive view of this activity and enables you to enjoy it as a part-time hobby or as a full-time activity.

The Sibley Guide to Birds written by David Allen Sibley is unique in its own sense since it has a detailed pictorial review of over 800 bird species. These extensive pictures are well supported by written text to facilitate easy identification of the different species of birds. This easy-to-read book is an ideal bird watching book gift, which will be highly appreciated by beginners and would be utilized by them in the years to come.

If the individual for whom you are selecting bird watching book gifts is an avid follower of this activity, then the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America written by Jon L. Dunn would be an ideal option. This book is easy to use and provides comprehensive knowledge about the different birds inhabiting North America. Containing over 4000 color illustration, this bird watching book is a must-have in the collection of any bird watcher.

Most bird watchers have to go out into open fields or bird sanctuaries to enjoy the activity of bird watching. However if you want to surprise your bird watching enthusiast family member or friend, then you the ideal bird watching book gifts would include The Audubon Backyard Bird Watchers: Bird Feeders and Bird Gardens. This book would enable an individual to create a backyard bird sanctuary by using time tested techniques. Written under the expert guidance of the Audubon society, this book is the ultimate resource in creating a backyard bird habitat.

Bird watching is an activity that is not only enjoyed by adults but by children as well. Therefore, you can give your child bird watching book gifts to arouse his or her interest in this enjoyable activity. One of the most recommended bird watching books for children is Backyard Bird Watching for Kids: How to Attract, Feed, and Provide Homes for Birds written by George. H. Harrison. This book teaches children about the different techniques that they can use in order to attract birds into their backyards. The techniques provided in this book are simple and easy to implement, thereby captivating the interest of your young ones.

These were some of the highly recommended bird watching books that are widely preferred as bird watching book gifts. However, you can find numerous other books on bird watching that would be highly useful to the recipients as well. Since bird watching is a year round activity, you do not have to wait for a special occasion to give bird watching book gifts. You can select any of the above mentioned books, or any other book of your choice, and surprise your family & friends with this wonderful gift.