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Bird Watching Gifts

Bird Watching Gifts

Individuals around the globe are increasingly inclining towards bird watching not only as an enjoyable activity but also as a dedicated hobby. Since bird watching is a relatively unknown concept, most new bird watching enthusiasts are not aware of the various resources available for this specific activity. By giving bird watching gifts to avid bird watchers, you can ensure that they enjoy this activity to the fullest.

One of the most basic, yet necessary bird watching items is a set of high quality binoculars. A set of good quality and quick focus binoculars is an ideal tool to get an up-close view of the birds and observe them in their natural habitat without disturbing them. Your choice of binoculars as bird watching gifts would depend on the extent to which the recipient is involved in the activity of bird watching.

If the individual travels to open fields for bird watching, then a heavy weight binocular would be highly inconvenient. On the other hand, an individual who takes to bird watching only as a relaxing hobby from the comfort of his home, would not mind a slightly heavier binocular.

A perfect accessory along with the binoculars would be a binocular strap. One of the common problems faced by avid birders is they were not able to get timely access to their binoculars to get a quick view of an interesting species. This problem can be solved by tagging a binocular strap along with binocular gift. By draping the binoculars around their neck, bird watchers not only ensure quick access but prevent the loss of binoculars as well.  

Bird watching gifts are incomplete without a nice and comfortable hat to shade your eyes from the sun. Even though bird watching does not require the watchers to make a fashion statement, a beautiful hat would definitely add to the charm of your gift. However, while choosing a hat you should ensure that it does not interfere with the use of a binocular.

A unique and creative bird watching gifts idea would be a high resolution motion detector camera. If the person, for whom you are selecting bird watching gifts, is a backyard bird watcher, then there can be no better gift option for him. You would not want your bird watcher friend or relative to miss the sight of a rare bird visiting his backyard. By gifting them a motion detector camera, you can ensure that they are fully aware of any bird related activity, which is happening in the vicinity of their house.

Bird feeders are an integral component for converting the backyard of a house into a meeting place for birds. Bird feeders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can select one as a gift, based on the size of the recipient’s backyard. If you want to make your bird watching gifts more personalized, then you can even consider building a bird feeder from scratch. Building a bird feeder is not a difficult task and you can find various effective techniques on the internet.

Other items, which offer high utility as bird watching gifts, include bird baths, bird calls and a set of bird guides. These gift items would make the bird watching process more systematic and would enable the bird watcher to get better results out of this activity. Since birding is a year round activity, it is not necessary to wait for an occasion to give bird watching gifts. All that you need to do is search the internet or your local store and find out the different utility items that are available. After selecting the gift item, just surprise your friend or relative, irrespective of the occasion and watch that special smile, light up their faces.