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Compass Gifts

A compass is a navigational instrument used by hikers, marines, army personnel and others to find directions. The magnetic pointer positions itself in alignment with the magnetic field of the earth, offering accurate directions. It has four key points - north, east, west & south and using these points, navigation is possible. Compasses were widely used by sailors and explorers in the past to find directions and hence hold great significance in human history.

With the advent of GPS, the use of compasses has declined significantly, but their historical and scientific significance still makes these invaluable and classic gift items. Compass gifts are therefore traditional presents, which are sure to be appreciated by recipients of all ages.For people involved in navigation and engineering, there are numerous varieties of compass gifts available in the market. Field compasses, navigation compasses, compasses for boats, digital compasses and professional surveying compasses are some of the great presents for such recipients.

For instance, you can buy your navigator friend a gift of compact sighting compass with sapphire jewel bearing, adjustable tool free declination, thermometer, map measuring scales and protective cover, along with sighting mirror. Compasses in watches and key chains are also popular gifts, and serve more as novelty items rather than serious navigation systems. However, you can still find some accurate compass gifts in this category. A solid silver plated keychain compass is a beautiful gift to present to a family member or friend. This usually has a liquid damped compass encased in a mirror finished, silver plated box. It also has a little charm which can be customized with anything you like or can be removed altogether. Moreover, the back of the compass can be personalized by engraving the initials or name of the recipient, providing the gift a personal touch!

Give your recipient a hunting themed sportsperson’s watch with a compass and watch him or her smile with incredible excitement. A solid hunter’s watch has a precision compass that offers exceptional functionality. This usually comes handcrafted in stainless steel, precise quartz movement, three sub-dials and a highly accurate compass.

What’s more, you can customize the back of the watch with a humorous hunting one-liner. These compass gifts are great presents for sports lovers, hikers and military personnel.

Protractor compasses are highly desirable compass gifts among people involved in orienteering sports like foot orienteering, mountain bike orienteering and adventure-racing. These compasses are used for map reading and have an arrow to indicate the travel direction as well as a magnetic housing with degree markings on the outside. This eliminates the need of using a separate protractor for taking bearings from an orienteering map.

Other types of compass gifts include liquid and dry compasses. Liquid compasses are based on the popular ‘needle & bowl’ principle. A magnetic needle is dampened using a liquid to protect unnecessary swinging or wobbling, which in turn enhances the accuracy and readability of the compass. A dry compass is more of a novelty item and was one of the oldest compasses invented by man. It consists of a free pivot needle on a pin encased in a small box with a wind rose and a glass cover.

If you are looking to present some of the modern day compass gifts, there is a great range of such compasses available in the market. For instance, you can buy a gyrocompass that works on the principle of a gyroscope. It is an electrical, non-magnetic compass, which can find the north direction using a spinning wheel and frictional forces. These are great gifts for people who work on ships as ferrous metal on the deck does not affect the accuracy of these non-magnetic compasses.

Compass gifts are great presents for everyone and the recipients are quite often amazed by the usefulness and elegance. And even if the person receiving this gift has no use for it, compasses make for fantastic decorative pieces!