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GPS Gift Ideas

GPS Gifts

Even the feeling of getting lost in an unknown place can send shivers down the spine of some people. One wrong turn takes you further away from your destination and probably closer to a place you don’t want to be. Thanks to multitude of GPS (Global Positioning System) devices, finding directions and getting back on track is no longer difficult. These qualities make GPS gifts among the most desirable gadget presents, cherished by all people.

Portable navigation devices are wonderful GPS gifts that offer amazing yet practical features. Apart from telling the present location, these provide the most efficient directions to commute to a particular destination. These also map locations of nearby shopping malls, restaurants, bookshops and theaters.

If your friend desires a cup of coffee, a GPS navigation device can easily point him or her to the nearest coffee shop, from the current location.

Gifting someone a portable GPS navigation system does not mean that he or she has a bad sense of direction. It shows that you appreciate the value of their time. These GPS gifts are therefore ideal for recipients who have to travel on a frequent basis to unfamiliar destinations. The system will help them avoid getting lost and also enable them to find key landmarks nearby.

Portable vehicle GPS navigation systems have also gained popularity as GPS gifts. These are great presents for anyone who drives to different areas on a regular basis. The systems detect the exact location of the user’s vehicle and display step-by-step directions, which will enable them to reach their destination. These are usually fitted with a speech synthesizer that actually ‘tells’ them their next step - whether to take left, right or a U-turn. Advanced GPS devices can even analyze the traffic situation and find alternative paths to the destination, hence avoiding traffic jams and saving precious time.

A portable vehicle GPS navigation system can often prove to be the difference between arriving late for a meeting or reaching on time like a true professional!

An expensive but definitely better alternative to gifting a portable GPS device is a mobile phone with GPS capabilities. Instead of having a dedicated electronic gadget for GPS, companies are now incorporating the latest smart phones and PDAs with GPS navigation systems. These GPS gifts combine the usefulness of GPS, along with the multifunctional qualities of smart phones and PDAs. GPS mobile phones function using A-GPS (Assisted GPS) technology, which is generally provided by the mobile carrier. Highly advanced models of GPS phones can work even when out of range, by making use of satellite GPS signals. GPS technology in a mobile phone also helps in tracking a misplaced cell phone, which is another reason why these GPS gifts are considered great gifting options, these days.

GPS navigation software is another great gift, particularly since these can installed on a PC or laptop. There are great advantages of installing GPS software onto a PC. This includes better navigation via keyboard, larger map view and many other features. These are available free of cost and can be easily downloaded via the Internet. Paid GPS software offers some remarkable benefits and CD/DVDs of this software are considered unique GPS gifts. These offer advanced features like trip-planning, high resolution printing, area measurements and email support which are not available with free versions. Children will particularly enjoy this variety of GPS software on their computers, because it will allow them access to high quality pictures of earth, which they can use in their charts, posters, geography projects and reports for school.

GPS devices and software which were once extremely expensive are now available at really affordable prices. Economical GPS devices may not have as many features as the expensive ones, but will still do a commendable job of find the right directions. Available in stylish designs and at your local consumer electronics store, these GPS gifts are sure to make your family and friends incredible happy!