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Sleeping Bag Gifts

Sleeping Bag Gifts

Sleeping bag gifts are practical presents for recipients of all ages. That is why it is imperative that you buy one which suits your recipient’s needs and style. A perfect sleeping bag gift is not easy to buy, but when bought, is something that will last for years to come. Sleeping bags come in as handy tools when one goes out for camping, hiking, slumber parties or even long tours. On a cold night, when one cannot find a motel and has to spend the night in a car, sleeping bags can be godsend.

They are lightweight, comfortable and easy to carry. Here are few great sleeping bag gift ideas that are sure to please any recipient. If your recipient likes camping or hiking expeditions, you can gift him/her an ultra-light sleeping bags. These are great sleeping bag gifts, especially for cool summer nights, where one needs something that is cozy & comfortable but not extra warm. These are extremely lightweight and allow your recipient to avoid stress of carrying heavy loads during the trip.

If you are planning a surprise camping or hiking expedition with your significant other, a two person/double ultra-light sleeping bag is a perfect gift to go along with the surprise. The best thing about these sleeping bag gifts is that these provide a great way to enjoy an expedition together without the need of sacrificing the comfort of sleeping together. You have one less baggage which means less weight and is therefore a thoughtful gift for couples.

An army sleeping bag is an ideal gift for someone who lives or is often out in cold weather. These are durable & rugged sleeping bags designed for extremely severe climate. Earlier they were used by only military, hunters & sportspersons but modern day improvements have made them comparatively lightweight and are ideal sleeping bag gifts for people who reside in cold climatic conditions.

A popular choice in army sleeping bag gifts is the modular sleeping bag system.

It has two sleeping bags- Intermediate Cold Weather & patrol. Intermediate sleeping bag is put inside the patrol one and by combing the two, insulation up to -30F can be achieved. These are fabricated using rip-stop nylon material and are resistant to water. Heat loss is prevented using a draft flap and top or bottom ventilation is provided by a double pull reversible slider. Army sleeping bags can be easily bought in army surplus stores and are available in different styles & designs.

Toddler sleeping bag gifts are great presents to give on a baby shower or to a mother of a newborn child. Toddler sleeping bags are normally made for indoor use and do not have temperature ratings. These are highly portable & extremely comfortable and have pictures of cartoons, butterflies, frogs etc. You can also go for a more traditional make and buy one with temperature ratings that can be used outdoors. When buying sleeping bag gifts for small kids, size of the bag is very important or you may end up buying something that is too large & unsafe. Warmth & comfort is equally important as you may not want to gift something that is too much warm and causes discomfort to the child.

Overall, when buying sleeping bag gifts for someone, make sure that it is something that is stylish, comfortable & durable. Depending on your recipient, you must choose the style of the sleeping bag. For instance, a teenage boy will appreciate a sleeping bag which looks cool & sporty. Comfort is the most important thing. It might be the most beautiful sleeping bag you have seen but if it fails to offer a good night’s sleep, it is simply useless. Since sleeping bags are often used during camping or hiking, it should be durable enough to withstand rough treatment. Keep these points in mind before buying sleeping bag gifts for anyone.