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Spotting Scope Gifts

Spotting Scopes as Gifts

Spotting Scopes are remarkable devices that have been designed especially to enhance one’s wildlife viewing experience and outdoor pleasure. Giving Spotting scopes as gifts is a great thing to do as it allows your recipient to enjoy and appreciate things at a distance. This allows them to learn new things without disturbing the natural beauty. Like binoculars, spotting scopes are available in all prices. Technological advancements have allowed people to buy some effective spotting scopes at really affordable prices.

Nevertheless, some manufactures in their bid to offer inexpensive and lightweight spotting scopes, compromise on features and end up selling scopes that are ineffective, have poor resistance to water & fog and a weak build quality. When buying spotting scopes as gifts, you need to keep these points in mind before making a decision.
(angular). ST spotting scopes as gifts are ideal presents for sole users of the scope. Birdwatchers particularly appreciate this gift as spotting is relatively easier in ST spotting scopes. Angular scopes are great gifts for entire family, as different people like to view things from different angles. This avoids chances of back & neck strains which might occur when using someone else’s ST scopes for excessive durations. Another thing to look for is variable or fixed magnification. For casual viewers, fixed magnification spotting scopes with 20-30X range are perfect presents.

For birdwatchers and professional wildlife enthusiasts, giving 20-60X variable spotting scopes as gifts is a fine gesture.

Objective lens is also important when choosing spotting scopes. Bigger lenses let in more light and also provide a greater viewing area. Look for a lens with ED (extra-low dispersion) glasses which gather more light and rectify chromatic aberration.

First thing to look for is the ocular or the eye piece. There are two variations in this- ST (straight through) sited or AN Also, check the support of the scope you are buying. When giving spotting scopes as gifts, the last thing you want is to create a health hazard for the recipients. Sturdy, moderately lightweight and easily adjustable tripods are the best. Tripods having flip locks for quick and secure adjustments are also favored.

Preferred by hunters and birdwatchers worldwide, Barska spotting scopes are regarded as benchmarks for precision, design & dynamics. Barska spotting scopes as gifts are perfect presents for everyone as these are water-resistant, fog proof, a multi-coated optic and a large objective lens. Some models even have a rubber armor that makes them shock resistant. Extendable sunshades allow one to minimize the glare in sunlight and overall ergonomic build enhances portability & handling.

Scout spotting scopes are highly portable scopes that can be easily folded as well expanded. Though specially designed for portability, these spotting scopes can be easily mounted on standard tripods. These are highly functional scopes that usually have 20x magnification, 54m field of view and 12mm eye relief. Scout spotting scopes are compact and have a sturdy outer shell made of rubber which makes them lightweight. High quality, multi-coated lenses allow quality image production in high magnification. These qualities make the giving of Scout spotting scopes as gifts a thoughtful gesture.

Other popular spotting scopes gifts include special Celestron spotting scopes which serve the dual purpose of being visual & photographic instruments at the same time. Celestron spotting scopes are very compact & lightweight which make them easy for recipient to carry.

No matter what you choose, buying spotting scopes as gifts is always a thoughtful gesture. Keep the needs of recipient in mind before buying a spotting scope. If your recipient is just a causal birdwatcher, buying a top of the line spotting scope may not be such a good idea. In that case, you are better off buying something that keeps a balance between cost and quality.