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High School After Prom Gifts

The After Prom Party has evolved in to being just as important as the prom and the prom dinner. But who will orgainze the After Prom and what will be the best thing to wear and should there be gifts. At we try to answer some important questions about the After Prom event so that you can be prepared and plan for the best After Prom ever.

We will focus on ideas which do not involve activities not suitable for High School Seniors and we will help you to think about and plan a party whcih will not only be safe but memorable.
Many schools will now plan a structured After Prom party complete with entertainment, food and chaperones. While these kinds of school sponsored events may not be exactly what the High School Seniors are looking for they do provide a structured and safe environment. After Prom parties which are planned by the school or by a parent organization tend to be very successful when they are held at a venue other than at the school. Giving the students a chance to go change and meet at a different location can help make the event seem more fun.

When students themselves plan after prom parties many times this will involve travel to a different location. having a limo driver to help with this transportation is a good idea. A beach side resort, a place in the mountains or a trip to a sunny location for a day of fun at the lake are all very common after prom ideas. If you are a student planning this kind of after prom activitiy think about how you can get home if trouble starts. Will you allow an adult to at least be close at hand. While no one wants to monitor too closely safety and supervision are still an important part of growing more mature.

After Prom Gifts, Clothing and Party Ideas

The After Prom Party will tend to be filled with talk and dance and normally requires a change of clothes. While you still want to look dressed and fancy you are no longer looking to be formal like at the Prom Dance. Many times a change of clothes will be in the car at the prom or a group will go back to one person's home in order to change and head to the After Prom Party. If there is going to be alcohol involved in the After Prom party and you are not over the legal drinking age we suggest you politely decline and do not attend. Having a DJ or a band ready to perform at the after prom is a good idea. If this kind of music is not possible than a music player and a good set of speakers works great. One of the before prom events that can be very fun is to plan for and decorate for the after prom party.

Often there will be several After Prom Parties and they will be held at a variety of homes in the community. Getting together at a home is a good idea as this may mean that an adult will at least be close by. A basement can be turned into a dance hall and the food and music can go on late into the evening. Another fun idea for after prom activities is to put together a tournament of electronic games and crown the winner with some special crown just like the prom king and queen.