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High School Before Prom Gifts

The events before prom certainly include all of the shopping and preparing for rides and dinners and finding the right shoes and tuxedo. But once all of the details are in place the day of the prom should be fairly organized and orchestrated. Will you be taking part in any before prom activities or parties. One of the most common before prom rituals is when several young ladies will get together and go to a salon to get their hair done or manicures or brow waxing. Guys will often visit a barber for a cut and a shave or they will be picking up a tuxedo from the formal wear store.
These before prom activities help to create some of the adventure and enthusiasm for the upcoming evening. Spending time with good friends on prom day is part of the reward for reaching the point of high school graduation. As you are together with friends in the hours before prom it is nice to consider spending some time together over a special lunch.

Maybe there is a favorite pizza place or a special burger or mexican food restaurant that everyone has enjoyed over the years in high school. Think about having a lite lunch at your favorite restaurant with your best friends as the perfect before prom party.

If the girls are getting together for a visit to the spa to get ready for prom night this is a great time to present small gifts to your best friends. A token of appreciation for supporting you in high school and affection for all of the times shared together. Think about a before prom gift for your friends that is small but meaningful. Maybe little pearl earrings for each girl or a bracelet that will serve as a constant reminder of your freindship. If you have the girls all over to your house for some time together putting on make-up and trying on dresses before the boys arrive then you should make sure you have some good music and such to make the moments perfect.

Before Prom Gifts and Parties

The prom evening is a formal event with full dress, fancy rides, a dinner and a dance. The activities before the prom should be more relaxed and fun in nature. Have some fun trivia games to kind of play as you sit around and talk. Think back to days as freshman or even to middle school when your friendships first started to form or you may not have even known each other.

For the guys the afternoon before the prom can be spent getting together and playing some serious online games or electronic games. Get out a little bit of the energy, get some fun competitive stuff going on and get all pumped up for the great evening ahead

Feel free to to at use as many ideas about the prom evening and how to make it perfect as you can find on all of our pages. Remember that the prom is a memory you will keep for all of your life. The moments you spend in preparation for the prom in before prom parties will add to the overall memory.