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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Prom Gift Ideas >> High School Prom Dinner Gifts

High School Prom Dinner Gifts

The High School Prom Dinner provides two unique gift giving opportunities. First the dinner itself can become a gift and second the dinner is a great time for presenting gifts to the other members of your prom party.

With Graduation just around the corner it is likely that this will be the final time you will sit around a table with a group of close freinds from High School. While gift givng needs to be perfromed in subtle and appropriate ways the prom dinner does present a good opportunity to recognize your friends on a special night.

First there is the idea that the prom dinner itself can be a gift. This idea may be taken up by some members of the party, and certainly it is common for the gentelman to pay for his date at the prom dinner. More likely however is that a set of parents or the parents of all the parties will come together to pay for the dinner and make the prom dinner a gift to their children on this once in a lifetime evening. If one or two sets of parenst choose to pay for the entire party that is wonderful.
If the parents only plan to pay for their child and his or her date than the easiest way to handle this detail is with some cash given to the kids prior to the meal so they can pay their share when the bill is tallied. Speaking of the bill at a prom dinner, especially when there is a larger group, this is normally a moment for mass confusion, difficulty around the table and problems for the restaurant. Odds are pretty good that for your prom dinner you have chosen to go to a nice restaurant and you are all dressed up. In nice restaurants the other patrons and the wait staff expect you to have your details together and not make a big fuss when the bill for dinner is delivered. The problems can be avoided in two ways. First each person can look over the restuarant menu prior to the prom dinner evening and detemrine what they will order. This way all monies can be collected included tax and gratuity prior to the meal. The other method would be to have one person politely pay for the entire party and collect appropriate monies after the restaurant experience is over. While it is fun to be young on this evening when you are being grwon up you should ensure to act mature in every situation.

Giving Gifts at a High School Prom Dinner
If you decide to give gifts to friends at the prom dinner the important thing to remember is that not everyone around the table may also be exchanging gifts. Your goal is to show appreciation and respect for the other people and not to embarrass them if they do not have a reciprocal gift. Gift giving amoungst friends in this setting should be subtle and not extravagant. A small token of affection for each person with some words of appreciation to the whole group is more than adequate. Do not make the cardinal sin of forgetting anyone around the table if you do choose to purchase gifts for all of your freinds.

The prom dinner is a great time of fun and laughter before the dance. This dinner is one which will be remembered for a lifetime and should be special. With some careful thoguht and planning a few well delivered gifts can make the evening of your prom dinner that much more enjoyable.