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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Prom Gift Ideas >> High School Prom Flower Gifts

High School Prom Flower Gifts

There are many ways to give flowers as a gift at the time of a prom and here at we hope to give you some useful information about ways to use flowers as gifts for this once in a lifetime event.

Some flowers at prom are almost mandatory and so they should not be overlooked or you may feel silly for missing such an obvious gift giving opportunity. Other lfowers would not be so compulsory but they do make a good impression and should be strongly considered as gifts at the time of prom.

First let's start with the two most obvious flower gifts to be exchanged at a prom and these are between the boyfriend and girlfriend attending the prom together. The young man should purchase a corsage for his girl and have that with him and ready to present when he arrives to pick her up. A Corsage is typically worn around the wrist and at a prom this is most appropriate. If you get a small flower arrangement to be worn on the dress you might want to make sure the dress is not strapless or low cut as attaching flowers may become very awkward. For the boyfriend a boutonniere is called for and typically the girlfriend will purchase this flower for her guy.
A standard boutonniere is a single flower or bud tol be worn on the jacket lapel and should match the corsage if possible.

Other flower gifts which might not be as obvious but should be considered are flowers for the mothers. These should be purchased by the young man and presented on the evening of the prom. A small vase or arrangement of flowers for each mother would be appropriate. This is a symbolic way of saying Thank You and shows a bit of class and style on the part of the boyfriend.

Giving Flower Gifts at a High School Prom
The question is often raised about what kind of flowers to give as a gift at the time of prom. The corsage and boutonniere are very commonly made from roses, rose buds and some kind of delicate greenery. The local florist can help with advise on size and cost. The roses are most often white or red, both colors carry romantic associations and work well with a majority of dess and suit colors. If you are nervous about sending too much of a romantic message with the flower gifts on prom night then stick with the white roses. Flowers for the mothers gifts on prom night should be an assorted kind of flower arrangement. You would want to avoid roses in this case as it will send the wrong message and remove the special sentiment from the flowers given to the girlfriend. A mixed arrangement of daises, tulips or iris is very common and acceptable as well as beautiful.

Plan to pick the flower gifts up on the morning or afternoon of the prom and store them in the refridgerator until they are to be presented to the ladies and young man. The flowers will keep and last much longer than the one evening of the prom. The corsage and butonniere in particular can be preserved afterwards and made into a lasting momento of this exciting evening.

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