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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Prom Gift Ideas >> High School Prom Gifts for Friends

High School Prom Gifts
for Friends

When giving gifts to all of your friends at your High School prom it is easy to remember your boyfriend or your girlfriend but what about all your other best friends from your High School days. No one really expects you to go overboard with huge gifts for every friend right.

Some people may see the prom as a chance to make a huge statement about how much they love their friends with expensive gifts. However, that is not really appropriate. The best approach is to honor your friends with a gift that shows thought and care. We have some great ideas for you to browse below.

You may have a group of friends that is really close and consists of just 3 or 4 people. You may have dozens of friends that will go with you to prom and you feel you want to get a gift for everyone. So one of the first things you need to consider is how many people to include in friend gift giving and what you are willing to spend on these prom presents.
Once you have a number of gifts and a budget you can begin to shop.

Another thing to keep in mind if you decide to buy a present for your friends at prom is that this gift exchange is not about showing off and outdoing your friends, but about showing them you care. A really good approach is to buy the same thing for every girl and the same thing for every guy in the group. Girls love bracelets and necklaces or special rings which can be a reminder of the special prom night. For the guys you might consider a funny gift like small bottles of mouthwash or fresh breath spray so when they try to get a kiss they at least smell good.

Gift and Present Ideas for Friends at Prom

Here are some other great gift ideas for your friends on prom night. Sometmies there is going to be drinking on prom night, legal or not it might happen. The best gift you could get your friends in this case is a designated hired driver to make sure everyone gets home. Also along these same lines you may provide refreshemnts that are a fun alternative to what others might be drinking. These are great gift ideas for a mature High School student. For your girlfriends you may think about everyone getting something funky they can wear together part of the night. Maybe a shirt or a hat which would look good on the whole group during some of your before or after prom celebrations. For the guys consider prom gifts which will make them feel a bit more comfortable on an awkward night. You could make pocket sized cue cards that have all the right things to say to their date or you could send them all to one hour of dance lessons before the prom.

A perfect place to give out gifts to all of your friends at prom might be at the dinner you are having before or at the post prom party. Try to make sure not to be a show off but be genuine in your gift giving. Photos of your entire group and pens to get the pictures signed with encouraging sayings is another great gift idea. One final idea is that you could hire a special hairstylist, or manicurist to spend time with each friend before the prom begins.