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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Prom Gift Ideas >> High School Prom Gifts for Girlfriends

High School Prom Gifts
for Girlfriends

Purchasing a gift or present for your girlfriend at prom can be a bit intimidating. There are decisions about how much to spend, what will make her happy, will I feel comfortable and what is appropriate. For a High School aged guy some of these things can be difficult to figure out.

At we have collected below some ideas and thoughts to help guys as they select gifts for their girlfriends at prom. We also suggest, as difficult as it may be, to ask for help from mom, dad and even a big brother or sister who may have some expereince with just this kind of moment. Ask around and you have a good chance of getting the gift just right.
So where do you start when considering the perfect gift for your girlfriend at prom. The first things to consider are how long you have known the girl and how serious the relationship is at this time. This kind of view will help you to determine just how much money you may want to spend on the prom gift for your girl. Of course no one wants to be seen as cheap so our second suggestion is that you try to avoid a situation where you will exchange gifts in front of your friends.

As soon as a gift exchange becomes a publiuc affair the odds that you will end up getting taunted or ridiculed go up dramatically.

Once you have established the importance of the relationship and the budget you are willing or able to spend you can then begin to narrow down your idea list of prom gifts for your girlfriend. Think about the things which will be traditional, like a piece of jewelry. Other gift ideas will be those presents that might just be perfect for her due to her style or likings. For example a gift of music or literature or art may be best for your girlfriend even though it may not deal directly with the prom.

Gift Ideas for Girlfriends at Prom

To start the gift idea engine turning we are providing some ideas here that have been regular favorites for girls at prom time. First off you must start with flowers. These may not need to be flowers she has to wear but at least flowers for her room or for in the limo or car you will take to prom. After the flower gift you can consider some nice piece of jewelry. A simple pendant or earring set will make a great compliment to her dress. You could even shop together for the jewlery to make it more fun. Something silly or fun like a sweatshirt from her college of choice is a great gift idea. A little bottle of perfume which you find attractive is also a nice thought. Consider gifts she does not have to carry with her all night long. A girl would like something small she can fit in a purse like a picture of the two of you or a music gift card for some of her favorite tunes. If you want to pamper your girlfriend consider a gift to a local spa where she can relax and prepare for your big night together.

Girls like special treatment and they like preparing and building up to special events. Maybe the two of you can take some dance classes together as a gift not only of time but also as part of the excitement for the coming prom. Finally do not forget the gift of manners you can give. Be polite, speak softly and kindly, open doors and look interested in her and not in your guy pals. All of these little gifts may go unnoticed but they will make the prom evening one your girlfriend will remember for the rest of her life.