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High School Prom Gifts
for Him and Her

Probably the most important prom gift you will buy as you prepare for attending your big High School dance will be the gift the girl will buy for Him and the guy will buy for Her. Your date to the High School Prom is going to be someone you will remember for the rest of your life, even if you never see them again after the Prom is over.

In this section of our High School Prom gift giving ideas we will explore the possibiities of gifts for your guy and for your girl as you prepare for the prom. We have pages dedicated for every part of the prom experience including gifts that you can give before, during and after the prom.

High School Prom Gifts for Him
Shaving Creme
As you consider the different gifts you may buy for him as the prom approaches there is no need to feel any obligation to spend crazy amounts of money showering your guy with gifts. The idea that you have put some effort into the gift giving process is the most valuable and memorable part of giving him gifts related to the prom.

For example you might give him a gift every day for a week to help him prepare. Cologne, shaving cream, a razor and some hair products might all make for fun and enjoyable gift giving moments a s you both get excited about the upcoming prom date.

High School Prom Gifts for Her
For guys the preparation for the High School Prom may not be as intense and filled with all of the mall shopping and hair preparation that the ladies will experience. Still putting a few moments of thought into what gift or gifts you will buy her for the prom is a nice way of letting your girl know you do think about her. Think about a gift you might give her before the prom like a small piece of jewelry she can wear with her dress. And think about flowers and other gifts that can be given after the prom as well. On we have several pages devoted just to the idea of giving her good gifts at the prom so feel free to look around.

As you give gifts to him or to her during the prom season remember that the idea is not to make your date feel guilty or awkward but rather to have the exchange of gifts highlight and reinforce the fun you will be enjoying together at the prom.