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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Prom Gift Ideas >> High School Prom Limousine Presents

High School Prom
Limo as a Gift

Naturally when you think of a prom you think of a limo or limousine. But can the limo be a gift at prom time. Many young people will decide to ride in a limousine to the prom. Often groups of friends will ride together and rent a larger limo for the whole group. The expense of a limo on prom night is one of the largest of the evening. More and more often the prom attendees are renting the limo for the entire evening and also into the next morning if there is an after prom party scheduled. Renting a limo as a gift on prom night makes perfect sense as it puts a safe driver in control of a long and crazy evening.
So who can present a limo as a gift on prom night. Well a parent or a group of parents could easily assist with the arrangements and payments of a nice limousine for their prom children. This is a real special way to make the evening a little bit more exciting and to let the young people save their money for some other part of the prom event. Sometimes an out of town relative may like a way to help with the prom festivities and the gift of a limo rental for prom might be the perfect answer.

But renting a limo for a prom gift does not have to be the exclusive domain for adults and parents. Maybe a group of guys want to rent a jazzed up limo for the girls as their gift for the evening. Or the other way around and the girls could show the guys up and rent a limo as their gift to the boyfriends on prom night. Another way to use the limousine as a gift on prom evening is to invite along another person who is going to prom but may not have limo arrangements. Reach out to a new friend and make your limo the unltimate prom gift.

What Kind of Limo Makes a Good Gift for Prom Night
Limousine styles come and go over time. Stretch limos which are very long can come in every model from a Cadillac to a Hummer. If you want your limo to have some extra punch go for the longer versions. Yes they are more expensive but they also give the experience and allow the gift of a limo to have maximum impact. Renting a limo that is just big enough for everyone to have a seat may seem economical but all you will remember is that you were jammed inside and had no fun. If this is the case than the gift of a limousine rental backfires and becomes more of a joke. You may not need the latest style limo but you do want to make sure the limo is in good shape. It never hurts to take a drive to the limo rental company to make sure things are clean and not too outdated. Remember as with any gift if you do not watch the details even the gift of a limo can be a disaster.

Since renting a limousine is a big part of the prom night experience it is only natural that as the rental arrangements are being made that someone involved step up and say this will be my gift to you. The limo, if chosen correctly, will always be remembered and so will the person who decided to make their prom gift this year a limo.