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Wedding Themes

As wedding is the most auspicious occasion in one's life one is not limited to any particular custom. Wedding themes lets one can make full use of his/her creativity and imagination and turn his/her wedding into an ever-lasting reminiscence. The traditional customs doesn't let one indulge into intimate interaction with their guests.
Winter Wedding Themes
There is no hard and fast rule that a wedding has to take place in the summer months. The season of winter also provides a host of opportunities to the bride to make their wedding day memorable. The bride can put on their favorite snow-white satin or velvet wedding gown, long gloves, carry a muff, or wear a faux fur without feeling uncomfortable as the weather is delightfully cool.

The decorations should be done keeping in mind the winter theme with linens that glisten and shine like ice or that epitomizes the holiday season with the bright reds, greens, and plaids. The food should include hot chocolate, mulled cider, Irish coffees, and hot buttered rums along with the standard bar choices.

Renaissance Wedding Themes
In the early medieval age the marriage used to take place in the place of the bride. But after the introduction of Christianity wedding became quite a sacred tradition. The people opted for a genuine look and used to rent grand community halls for the bridal feast. After that a large number of cities have their personal Renaissance Festivals now, which have become very popular places for weddings as well. Prior to 1860 brides used to don their finest dresses, usually made of luxuriously colored velvets, brocades and laces. Men wore leotards with knee breeches and moccasins, lace up vests and tunics.

'They Deserve It' presents you a wide selection of wedding themes which will be exotic, multi-cultural and definitely an alternative to the traditional marriage themes.

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