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Unique Wedding Cake

If you are one of those brides who want to stand out by doing something other than the tradition with your wedding cake and make your wedding different from others. With Unique Wedding Cake get the dessert you have dreamed about and make your wedding a memorable one. Unique Wedding Cake is a departure from the traditional tiered or pillared cakes with toppings of white or ivory colored icing and crowned with a miniature bride and groom
Treat the wedding guests with a flavor other than the usual white cake. Different variations of chocolate flavor with the most unique cake toppers would make your wedding cake the centerpiece of your reception and the talk of your guests for years to come. Butter cake and carrot cake are also popular desserts which add elegance to your reception menu. With colors other than white and pastel and unique figurines the possibilities of designing unique wedding cakes are endless.

If a standing bride and groom topper does not satisfy your creative senses you can go for a topper featuring a dancing couple. The Unique Wedding Cake not only looks amazing but tastes amazing too. A small piece of unique wedding cake would make your wedding reception memorable. Whether you are planning an elaborate reception or a normal reception, your unique wedding cake adds a beautiful look to the event. Unique wedding cake not only reflects your personality but also is a stand out from a traditional wedding cake. Unique wedding Cakes are designed to coordinate perfectly with your wedding reception, from floral décor, lighting display to number of invitees. With unique wedding cake commemorate your special day and treasure it for a lifetime. After all wedding cakes are special cakes for special occasions.

When considering a non traditional wedding cake there are 3 main components to consider. first you need to consider what kind of cake, you will have. will have a chocolate filling or will it be something like a carrot cake or even a lemon cake. You will also need to consider if the cake will have a filling or not. Once you have made a decision on the flavor and the kind of cake and if it will on the filling. You need to consider the frosting and exterior appearance of the cake. Very elegant and common way to the top or frost a wedding cake is with any smooth finish. , rather than have many elaborate decorations on the cake itself the exterior of the smooth cake can be decorated with fresh flowers or fruits were candies. The final thing to consider if you're going to have a traditional or nontraditional wedding cake is if you will have a topper. While topper is a very common and to provide and memento and can at times distract from the beauty of the cake.

Once you have considered these three main elements of the cake you're well on your way to knowing if your cake will be unique and special or maybe just odd and unusual. Whatever your decision your wedding cake should reflect your personal style and be something that you remember as the most important dessert of your life.

TheyDesrveIt offers information on unique wedding cakes and cakes for other occasions.

Wedding Cake
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