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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Wedding Anniversary Gift List

Wedding Anniversary Gift List

Married couples who regarding the date of their marriage every year as a significant occasion marks their marriage anniversary in some special way. Giving gifts and presents on a wedding anniversary is a longstanding tradition. Secular groups in society, especially the families, and even more especially the children of such a couple, may help to celebrate such occasions. And this occasion of anniversary again brings in our mind the custom of giving gifts and presents to celebrate the event.. In order to choose the perfect gift one often involves themselves in a great confusion and hardly they are able to take a perfect decision.

'They Deserve It' serves to save your time and hectic efforts by providing you a large variety of anniversary gift items.
In order to gift your dear ones perfect traditional wedding anniversary gift items, you can keep the following list of traditional presents on hand and choose the perfect item:

First anniversary-- Paper.
Second anniversary-- Cotton.
Third Anniversary-- Leather.
Fourth Anniversary-- Fruit and Flower; Linen.
Fifth Anniversary-- Wood.
Sixth Anniversary-- Sugar and sweet; Iron.
Seventh Anniversary-- Wool; Copper.
Eighth Anniversary-- Bronze and Rubber.
Ninth Anniversary-- Pottery and Willow.
Tenth Anniversary-- Tin; Aluminum.
Eleventh Anniversary-- Steel.
Twelfth Anniversary-- Silk and Fine Linen.
Thirteenth Anniversary-- Lace.
Fourteenth Anniversary-- Ivory.
Fifteenth Anniversary-- Crystal.
Twenty-fifth Anniversary-- Silver.
Thirtieth Anniversary-- Pearl.
Thirty-fifth Anniversary-- Coral.
Fortieth Anniversary-- Ruby.
Forty-fifth Anniversary-- Sapphire.
Fiftieth Anniversary-- Gold.
Fifty-fifth Anniversary-- Emerald.
Sixtieth Anniversary-- Diamond.

Again if you don't want to follow the traditional and conventional method of giving gifts you can explore your creative talents by making proper utilization of them. Coming up with some specila and unique gift that may reflect the couple or perhaps an event from the past year is a perfect idea when giving an anniversary present. Many times a personalized gift will bring a huge smile to the recipient and also to the gift giver as the joy is spread from one person to the next.

If you do want to give an anniversary gift that does not fall in tot he traditional list you can start with some of these ideas below and then let your imagination run wild as you consider all the options available and present that perfect gift to your loved one.

Give your beloved beautifully carved jewellery box with intricate carvings.

You can also add a flavor of sweetness to the special ceremony by celebrating it with a cake of your favorite flavor.

A life-size bouquet of fresh and beautiful vibrant hued flowers can serve to be the best option of giving your beloved a warm anniversary surprise.

A box of Swiss chocolates with a personal note attached to it can also make your wedding anniversary gain the flavor of extreme harmony.

'They Deserve It' provides you with a large option of wedding anniversary gift items to make each year of your marital life dance to the tunes of love and contentment.

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