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Wedding Cake Recipes

"In all of the wedding cake, hope is the sweetest of plums". Walk down the aisle with the hope of happiness, prosperity, devotion, fertility, health and peace in your new life. Take the new step in your life with a king-size cake, multi-layered or tiered, heavily decorated with icing, and topped with a small statue of a bride and groom. The customary wedding cake is a three- tiered vanilla confection with white icing, a miniature bride and bridegroom on top and lots of butter cream roses.
But, today Wedding Cakes are much more creative and a personal reflection of style and come in diverse sizes and shapes, flavors and decorations. Treat your guests with a masterpiece of delicious and appetizing Wedding Cake with the help of sweet and inspiring Wedding Cake Recipes. From traditional to trendy, there are tons of Wedding Cake Recipes for your big day.

A wedding cake can be just about any flavor a couple wants. From Italian Crème, vanilla, chocolate to macadamia nut, red velvet, carrot and strawberry. Tiramisu Wedding cake is also a very popular choice. If you are looking for somthing a little less sweet maybe a carrot cake is perfect for your wedding cake, or maybe a cream cheese cake or even a cream cheese cheesecake wedding pastry.

Wedding cake flavors ensure that your guests don't forget to take their slice home. "Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies" so why not tantalize the taste buds of your sweetheart with a luscious Chocolate Fudge Grooms Cake and be the joy of your man's heart. Another popular Wedding Cake Recipe is Tiramisu Wedding Cake; sprinkled with ground chocolate and covered with a luscious cream cheese frosting the Italian dessert creates a sweet ambience to a country or a city wedding. Fabulous butter cakes with a pillared traditional look and filled with raspberries is a perfect way to make a grand impression on all your guests.
Wedding Cake Flavor is a matter of personal preference and there are a plethora of flavors to treat that sweet tooth of your guests.

Filling is the luscious froth that is spread between each delicious layer, to fill the cake in. Filling can be anything from chocolate gels, cream, cheese, nuts, berries to curd. Wedding cakes can be covered in a variety of icings and filled with many filling choices.

Wedding Cake Recipes should include all-natural and high quality ingredients to make sure you get the best-quality cake possible. Many guests have gluten intolerance and nut allergies. They might be unable to enjoy your wedding cake, don't let this happen and ask your wedding cake supplier to make one gluten or nut free tier. Wedding cake should be chosen and ordered at least five months prior to the date of wedding as the cake itself will need time to mature and elaborate decoration takes time to be properly carried out. And do remember to order the cake boxes. offers information on Wedding Cake Recipes.

Wedding Cake
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