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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Wedding Gifts >> Wedding Flower Bouquets

Wedding Flower Bouquets

When considering Wedding Flower Bouquets one famous quote goes as follows: "I'd rather have roses on my wedding than diamonds on my neck." Is what you said the day before walking down the aisle? Flowers are the "hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of their character" and who doesn't want to tie the knot in presence of angels. Celebrate the beginning of your new life in the midst of gifts straight from the
heart of nature. Wedding Flower Bouquets with flourishes of unusual blossoms make your wedding a picture perfect event.
The tradition of Wedding Flower Bouquets has its origin in the ancient beliefs that strong smelling spices and herbs guard wedding parties from bad luck, evil spirits, and ill health. Later, Roman wedding traditions endorsed this concept with the ritual of decorating the bride and groom in floral garlands which symbolized new life and hope for fertility.
The Greeks and Romans also began the norm of strewing flowers before the bridal couple to symbolize the spirit of love. Be it for good luck, health and happiness or simply as a bridal party décor, the tradition of the Wedding Flower Bouquets is deep seated in cultures all across the globe.

Wedding Flower Bouquets with diverse style, theme, décor and elegance create intoxicating ambience. A Wedding Flower Bouquet is very much a matter of personal choice. There are four popular bouquet styles which help make your wedding day the day you dreamed of.
Nosegays are also called a tussie mussie, a very cool style of bridal bouquet with blossoms in round clusters. These adorable little bouquets date back to the 14th century, but they weren't used back then for their color or their attractiveness. They were originally used to cover up bad smells, anything from stale crumbs to the lack of plumbing. Nosegays can vary in classiness and are therefore a great choice for any wedding.

Hand-tied bouquets are a huge hit with the brides who like the essence of an unarranged gathering of flowers. Hand-tied bouquets are created by placing the stems of the flowers, foliage and accessories in hands and wrapping them around the center of the floral arrangement until they are firmly placed. Hand-tied bouquets have a more casual air and are particularly in tune with the garden weddings.

Cascade bouquets highlight blossoms that slide down from the main portion of the bouquet arrangement. The overflow of the blooms in the arrangement is often the main element of the wedding bouquet. Cascade bouquets are most often used in formal and traditional weddings.

Contemporary bouquets are ensemble of unconventional thoughts, styles, themes and patterns and are crafted with no specific form. They are usually designed with flowers that have definite structure and enhance the charisma of the bouquet. Contemporary bouquets symbolize the personality of the bride and are a stand out floral arrangements for a sophisticated, cosmopolitan style wedding. offers a huge selection of Wedding Flower Bouquets.

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