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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Wedding Gag Gifts

Wedding Gag Gifts

  A wedding gag gift can be a wonderful choice depending on the relationship you share with the bride and the groom. If you want to pay back your friend for the awful sweater he gifted you on your birthday or if you want to give an apt reply to the horrible painting they presented you on your wedding, it will be perfect to choose from the great Wedding Gag gifts "They Deserve It" offers you. The fun lies in the gasps of shock and laughter that come along with a good gag gift.
As you consider the perfect gag gift for a wedding or anniversary celebration you can often get the best ideas for your gift in the least expensive places. A hardware store will often provide great inspiration like hammers for working out conflicts between the bride and groom or maybe large rolls of duct tapefor mending all kinds of broken pieces whatever they may be.

Often the best part of a gag gift is the commentary in the form of spoken words of written notes which accompany each gift and give insight to how and when to use the gift during the years of marital bliss that lie ahead.

As you brainstorm and consdier som of the wedding gag gifts we have suggested below remember to keep in mind that at a wedding there will be many people from different generations in attendance. You do not want to be offensive so use some discretion as you choose and package your gift.

Marriage Survival Kit

Kit Includes:
Writing Device when words with your spouse don't work anymore or you can't find the words.
Rope symbolizing for the ties that bind you to each other
Tickler should be safer than boxing gloves and clear the air
Whistle, device to call out "Time Out! Foul!, Penalty Kick!" in an argument
Kissing Lips, a toy that puckers up
Bandage symbolizing a broken heart

Other Wedding Gag Gifts
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Goofy refrigerator Magnets
Remote Control Scary Sounds

Wedding Gag Gifts will guide you to choose the appropriate gag gift items for your friends. If you are looking for ways to add fun to weddings or anniversary celebrations and make the deserving couples shriek with laughter, choose the wedding gag gifts from They Deserve It and create magic in the couple's life.