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Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations are an integral part of the wedding preparations. Couples take special care to make innovative wedding invitations to give a unique touch. Wedding Invitations are varied according to the couple's choice. On this page They Deserve It will provide you with some different idea son how to select your wedding invitation style and where to order your invitations for a perfect look on your wedding day.
When beginning your search for the right wedding invitation you will most likely start at a wedding store or a card and stationery store. These stores with the best selection of wedding invitations will have an individual area where the bride and groom can view different invitation options and begin to decide on color and wording.

There are several different structures of the wording on a wedding invitations. Choices include how to present eh names of the bride and groom and how to present the names of the parents. Decisions will also need to be made on how the date will be presented on the invitation and if information on the reception will be on the invitation or on a separate card enclosed with the invitations.

As the bride and groom work with a wedding invitation consultant they will also need to decide if they weill be including RSVP envelopes and RSVP cards. Directions and information about the reception will also need to be considered so that those cards can be printed.
Once a good idea of how many pieces will need to be included with the invitation has been reached you can begin to discuss styles and colors and how the envelopes will be lined and so forth. All of this of course will be balanced with a prudent discussion about the costs associated with getting the wedding invitations printed and mailed to all our your guests.

As part of the process of thinking about the wedding invitations the soon to be married couple will also need to think about wedding announcements. These wedding announcements are distinct from the wedding inviation in that they will go to certain friends and family who need to be notified of the special occassion but who may nto be invited to attend the actual ceremony due to space limitations or distance.

Finally you will want to consider the timing of your wedding invitations to make sure they are returned from the printer in time to be addressed, stamped, and mailed to your guests well in advance of the wedding day so that all can make the proper travel plans.

When working with wedding invitations providers and card stores do not be afraid to ask for references from customers who have had their invitations printed by that store in the past. A solid reference should be essential before you place down any deposit or put such an important part of the wedding planning in to the hands of a business.

Listed below are some ideas which may start you thinking about your own special wedding invitations and wedding announcements.

Wedding Invitations
To send original wedding invitations to your near and dear ones you can choose any of the following:

Engraved invitations
You can plan for an invitation card that is soft and romantic. Choose a pastel color and make sure it has matching enclosures and envelops. The wording can be engraved in white. The ensemble will feature an informal folder, respond and reception enclosures.

Casual Wedding Invitations
You can send a casual wedding invitation by writing invitations in parchment papers. Put the rolled paper in the bottle and hand it to your exclusive guests. You can send invitations in handmade paper cards too with artful modern watercolor.

Disney Wedding Invitations
Mickey and Minnie are the favorite Disney characters that feature in wedding invitation cards. Invite your guests to celebrate the start of your new life together with an embossed photograph featuring Mickey and Minnie.

Bridal Shower Invitations
A feminine invitation card for the bridal shower invitation would be an appropriate one. A pastel color soft card with appropriate photograph of the bride serving tea would add a different importance.

Wedding Invitations will guide you to choose the appropriate invitation cards for your friend, relative or colleague. Make the right move with They Deserve It to find the perfect wedding invitations for your wedding ceremony.

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