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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Wedding Jewellery

Wedding Jewelry

Wedding jewelry is a critical part of any marriage ceremony. The traditions both old and new carried on through wedding jewelry always make the wedding day special. Marriage is probably the oldest institutions of the world. According to Martin Luther, "There is no more lovely, friendly and charming communion or company than a good marriage". Since times immemorial the custom of marriage is always governed by traditions, customs and conventions.
In countires around the world from China to India to the United States of America the tradition of marriage is unfinished without wedding jewelry and when the question of bridal jewelry pops, the predominant choice is gold. Gold holds a special place in marriage because it symbolizes wealth and prosperity and is supposed to confer the women with great power and authority as well as great beauty.

In countries like India Ornaments such as the mangalsutra(a black beaded necklace with gold pendant), ear rings, bindi, finger rings, bangles, and nose rings are presently adorned by brides almost all over the nation of India. Thes kind of jewelry adornments are common in many worl wide cultures and show the international appreciation for Jewelry as an important part of the wedding ceremony.
Some other samples of international jewelry prcatices on the wedding day include ornaments like armlets, waste bands etc. are not opposite according to the current fashion trend and are only worn in some parts. Rings are considered as the most conventional form of marriage ornaments for both men and women, and generally imply a marital relation between two individuals. In Indian custom of marriage, the additional ornament of a 'thaali' or 'mangal sutra' is the chief representation of matrimony. The mangalsutra is worn on a chain with two or three strings of black beads interlarded with gold. These beads are important because they are held to protect the marriage against all sorts of evils. Many women beautifully deck their arms with bangles in vibrant green and red shades. And the chooda which is a set of ivory bangles with inlay work, that is presented to the bride by her mother or mother-in-law as a symbolic representation of her newly wedded status.

In the Indian states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, toe rings are a must for the married women. After their marriage, the Sindhi women desires to adorn the traditional gold earpiece each studded with nine diamonds. In the further northern part of India, after marriage, the Kashmiri Brahmin women sect wear an ornament in the pierced cartilage of the ear with a cord suspended from it at one end also called as 'dejhoru'. Among the Muslim women, the nose ring is mandatory at the occasion of marriage.

In western cultures the wedding jewlery has become centered upon the exchange of wedding bands or wedding rings. Thes bands or rings have come to symbolize the solidarity of the newly married couple and the lifelong relationship they intend to share with each other. The symbol of the circle that goes round and round and is never broken is much like a marital relationship that lasts over the years.

When brides look to wear certain pieces of jewelry at their wedding they will often turn their sites towards family heirlooms and look for something that may have been worn by their mother or their grand mother during their wedding. A special necklace of pearls or a bracelet with some diamond decorations or diamond earrings are very popular choices when a bride is looking to find a family heirloom and invoke a sense of tradition in her wedding jewelry.

The wedding abnd itself is very often simple in its effect but large in its symbolism for the bride and the groom. Often times the wedding band that the bride will wear will be designed in a similiar way to the wedding band which the groom will wear. Uniting the wedding jewelry of the bride and the wedding jewelry of the groom with similar design elements is another way of making the wedding ceremony that much more special to all who attend.

A final area which deserves some consideration when it comes to wedding jewelry is the jewelry which will be worn by the bride's maids. Often this is a simple necklace so that all of the bride's maids will have a similar look and something that will complement the look of the bride herself.

'They Deserve It' provides a wide range of information on the traditional wedding jewelry from all around the world.

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