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Theydeserveit >> Gift Ideas >> Wedding Poem

Wedding Poem

Poems express the deeper feelings than any gifts can ever profess to convey. In particular, Wedding Poems leap out of the heart to express true feelings of love, joy, gratitude and other finer emotions in man. Wedding poems no doubt are the most beautiful ones that carry the message of the loves ones with clarity and are confers joy to the receiver. Wedding Poems from helps you express the emotions you longed to convey to your near and dear ones. These Wedding Poetry will surely make your dear ones feel special. Some of the best Wedding Poetry have been given below. So scroll down to read more about Poems for Wedding.
Wedding Poems

Love Poems

My Dreams Come True
Submitted by Mistee Ledford

From the sweetness of your kiss
To the magic of your touch,
You are the essence of romance.
From the openness of your mind
To the beauty of your love,
You are the heart and soul of my passion.
From the secrets behind your smile
To the private world
softly promised in your eyes,
You are the endless joy of discovery.
From the wonder of your closeness
To the gift of your deepest self,
You are every one of my dreams come true.
Wedding and Bridal Showers Poems

Shower Favor Thank You

Just a little gift to say we appreciate you!
Thank you for coming
and for the gifts too!
Happy to see you (Date of wedding)
When (groom) & (bride)
say "I Do"
There will be an even
bigger party, as we shove
them off for the

Wedding Poems on Vows and Ceremonies

Our Wedding Day
Submitted by Frank B. Holcomb

Today is the day I vow a forever love.
A love I have been so blessed to share with you.
Knowing this is a love that begins with trust.
Understanding that a love as this has no end.
When the sun refuses to shine in your day.
I will be your sunshine.
If the rain continues, refusing to stop.
I will be your umbrella.
This love I promise you is a sacred love.
A love allowed only once in a lifetime.
Being so blessed we have the other to share this love.
Knowing this love is shared equally as love has to be.
Should you ever become lost and confused.
I will guide you back to our path of happiness.
When the nights become darker than ever known. Will walk with you to the light.
There is no vow taken which means as much.
And I take these vows free and openly.
For love would have no meaning without you.
This is my promise not only on our wedding day.
But for each day that follows.

Wedding Poem for the Couple

The Journey
By G.K.Palmer

Today two hearts, two lives, will begin as one,
They will say their vows, and say I DO,
They will seal it with a kiss, and their life together has begun,
Forever bound, forever true,
Together through this journey of love,
They must learn to cherish, comfort, and trust each other,
Put their love, their friendship, in GOD above
Work together, day by day, help one another,
They work to build a life, a home, a family,
Together forever is their destiny,
Together in loves journey....

Poem for The Parents

To My Parents On My Wedding Day
Submitted by Alison Greenville, MI, USA

You showed me how to stand up tall
You taught me that God's there through it all
I was your first, I made you a proud Mom and Dad
Now we look at the good and bad times that we had
You always told me to lead a good life
Well now I'm going to be a wife
You weren't ready for this day to come
Now I ask that you'll love him like a son
On this day as Daddy walked me down the aisle
I looked at you Mom and remember that I have your lovely smile
People used to tell me that I looked like you
And I was always trying to prove it wasn't true
But now as I look back, I'm happy
For you helped build the woman in me
You taught me that beauty is on the inside
Well someone saw that beauty and took me as a bride
So I thank you both on this special day
And I hope you accept my loving husband
Because he loves your daughter in every way
And someday we'll pass the love onto our children

Wedding Poems will guide you to choose the best poems for your parents, love and friends. Make the right move with They Deserve It to create magic on the wedding day.