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Wife Gag Gifts

Gag Gift for Wife

If your wife has a nice sense of humor, she will definitely appreciate a gift that is funny as well as unique. A gag gift for wife is a present that will surely make her laugh and cherish your selection for a long time. The smile on her face makes a gag gift for wife completely worth it! So, if you are looking to buy a gift for your wife’s birthday, anniversary or in fact, any other occasion, give her a gag gift and enjoy her expressions once she opens the gift.
If it’s her birthday, there are some great birthday gag gifts for wife for this special occasion. If your wife gets late for office, dinner, meetings or any other event due to household chores and often stresses out, gifting her a ‘backwards clock’ on her birthday can help relive the stress. The hands on this fake clock move backward and your wife will always find it amusing whenever she sees it.

If she is conscious of her looks, a laughing mirror is a great birthday gag gift for wife. Every time she holds the mirror and looks into it, the mirror will laugh. She will definitely have a laugh or two when she looks into the mirror and would love you even more for bringing a smile on her face.

For a woman who appreciates classic presents, a vintage gag gift is a good choice. These gifts are especially loved by older women as these presents rekindle their childhood moments, when they used to play such gags with friends and family members. A fake candy canister is a great vintage gag gift for wife which has a scary and springy toy, which will pop out once she opens the container. Or if she smokes, you can gift her ashtray that appears like a mini-toilet. Some of the other vintage gag gifts for wife include gag notepads, funny magnet for the refrigerator, outdated alarm clock which moo rather than ring and prank envelopes.

p>Women are generally afraid of rats, cockroaches, lizards, frogs and other pests. It is quite likely that your wife has a phobia of some of these creatures. Why not cash in on this opportunity for a surprise gag gift for wife? You can buy a stuffed replica of the animal she hates and slip it into her purse or place it in the shower or bath tub. For instance, if she has a phobia of toads, you can buy a 9 inch long Jumbo Toad, which is made of soft latex with realistic warts on the back. Put one in the bath tub and watch her scream with fear. But make sure she’s perfectly healthy and enjoys such pranks or you are better off skipping this idea altogether!

Some of the other cool gag gifts for wife include fortune telling balls and funny aprons. If she often has a hard time making decisions, give her a fortune telling ball. Every time she turns it upside down, she will get a cheerful compliment from the ball that will help lift her spirits. If she is proud of her barbeque cooking skills, you can give her an apron that says that she’s the ‘Queen of Meats’ or the ‘Iron chef’!

When buying such gifts, keep in mind her choice, interest, likes, dislikes and sense of humor. Keeping these factors in mind, will definitely help you in buying a perfect gag gift for wife!