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Board Game Gifts for Children

Board Game Gifts for Kids and Children

Kids are lifeline of any celebration and it is because of their innocent mischiefs that there is liveliness in a house. The best aspect about children is that they are super excited about everything and this is one of the main reasons why it becomes really exciting to give presents to them. While looking for gifts for kids, one should keep in mind their imaginative and inquisitive nature. In order to sustain children’s interest in a game, it is very important to capture their imagination.

For this reason, board game gifts for kids have become an excellent option for parents and families today. Not only are board games fun to play with, but these are also an interesting way of making the children learn new and interesting things, besides, playing board games also give the opportunity for excellent bonding time with the family.

There is a vast range of board games available in the market, apart from the usual “Chutes and Ladders”, “Scrabble” and “Monopoly” that we are aware of. Education based board games, such as “Build a Sentence”, “Playful Blocks” and “Quest”, are especially designed to help children learn the basics of the number system and language.


These games not only provide ample fun to the kids but also educate them simultaneously. That is why board game gifts for children are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for giving gifts to kids.

To help explore the various options of board games for kids available in the market, here is a comprehensive list of the top five favorite board games.

Chutes and Ladders: An all time favorite game of kids, this board game has a checkered board wherein, there are multiple ladders connecting to different squares. The one who reaches the end of the board first, wins the game. Also known as Snakes and Ladders, this game is ideal for kids up to three years of age.

High Ho! Cherry-O: Designed for children up to the age of three years, this board game is ideal for children wanting to enhance their writing skills. What they need to do is to spin the wheel and then try to become the first player for collecting a basketful of ten cherries from their trees. The kid who achieves this first gets the privilege of shouting “High Ho! Cherry-O”.

Candyland: For the young kids who are still at the age of learning of how to read and count, this is the perfect game. Suitable for children up to the age of three years and above, the primary objective of this board game is to the find the King of Candyland.

Mouse Trap: Appropriate for kids up to six years and above, this game is completely crazy, but at the same time helps enhance the reasoning skills of the children. The objective of the game is that one player needs to outplay his opponent, in order to become the last mouse standing.

Operation: Designed to aid children improve their hand-eye coordination, this game turns the kids into doctors, who need to operate upon the ill patient. Suitable for kids up to six years of age and above, the game is also available in editions of Homer Simpson and Shrek.

As you can see, there are plenty of options of board game gifts for kids available in the market. However, you must know that the Federal government has regulated the toy industry to make games covering different age groups, so as to offer the maximum learning experience to the kids. Hence, prior to purchasing a board game, you must check the age label mentioned on its packing.

So, the next time there is an occasion where you need to gift something to a child, board game gifts for kids is the best option.

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