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Checkers Gifts and Presents


Giving Checkers as a Gift

Giving Checkers as a gift isn’t like gifting any other board game that is fun to play initially but then becomes monotonous. The gift of Checkers continues to please recipients around the world because it’s a game that’s simple, quick, strategic and fun to play.

Checkers is a board game that is played between two people having twelve pieces each. Players can only move their piece diagonally on the dark squares in forward direction until it reaches the king’s row.

After that, the ‘kinged’ piece can be moved both backward and forward. A player can also take jumps over the opponent’s piece to progress ahead, capturing and removing the jumped over piece from the board. One who captures all the pieces of the opponent or leaves the opponent with no allowed moves, wins the game.

Checkers is among the simpler board games and is often believed to be a game for children. However, giving Checkers as a present will please adults as much as it pleases the kids. A gift of Checkers is ideal for people who are looking for a challenging game which is relaxing and not as intense as other board games.

One can enjoy this strategic yet simple board game anytime and leave the games with more complicated rules for some other day.

Another wonderful thing about giving Checkers as a gift is that the game is available in more styles and variations than ever and also comes in various themes which encourage new players. Some versions of the game can be visually stunning and make a great showpiece for your home or office.

Giving Checkers as a present to your club is a great way to organize a Checkers tournament. You can gift your club a durable high-quality wooden Checkers board with glass marble pieces that will be a delight to everyone’s eye and will encourage more people to play the game. It can bring together people from different cultures and involve them in thrills that classic board game tournaments provide.

The game of Checkers is also great for kids. Giving Checkers as a gift to children is a nice way to promote healthy brain activities in them. Being strategic, the game enhances creative thinking in kids as they will form images in mind before playing their turn. Children will definitely appreciate a gift of Checkers with a colorful game board and customized pieces showcasing their favorite cartoon characters.

Parents however, should make sure that kids play the game under their supervision. The game of Checkers contains small pieces which pose choking hazards, especially in small kids who have a tendency to put anything that fascinates them in their mouth.

Despite simple rules, the game of Checkers is an equally good gift for adults. Make new friends. The game provides hours of fun and excitement, ideal for a friendly game night.

Checkers has never lost popularity and has withstood the test of time. Elderly people, who grew up playing classic board games, will surely appreciate a gift of checkers. Giving Checkers as a gift will make them remember the joy that such games brought them during their youth and they can share their experiences with kids and teenagers who have never tried the game before.

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