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Chess Gifts and Presents

Giving a game of Chess as a gift or present

Chess is one unique game where the players are not constrained by age, therefore giving a game of chess as a gift/present to any age group is a wonderful idea. The reason why chess is preferred worldwide is due to the challenges it poses and the mental exercise it renders to the players. You can also find numerous chess sets that are specifically designed for aesthetic purposes, thus giving you ample choices in the market to select a gift for your friends or family.

Research has proved that the earlier the children start playing chess, the more developed their brain will become in the future. This is why numerous parents are giving a game of chess as a gift to their children. Chess tests and trains the mental capabilities of children, thus assisting in the development of their whole personality. Giving a game of chess as a gift to your children will ensure a healthy and balanced development of their mental abilities, thus making it a preferred choice worldwide.

You can do yourself a big favor by giving a game of chess as a present to yourself. Instead of passing your free time sitting in front of the television, you can involve yourself in an intriguing game of chess with your spouse or any other family member. The best part of having a chess set is that even if there is no one around to play with, you can play alone and try a hand at check-mating your own self.

The main point of consideration while searching for a chess set is whether it will be used for playing purpose or aesthetic purpose. Chess sets that are made up entirely of crystal or glass are extremely beautiful to look at, and their main purpose is to enhance the aesthetics of the place they are set. But you would have to be extremely careful with such sets since they are fragile and might break if they fall. A completely wooden or metallic chess set offers high durability. Thus, you should be careful while giving a game of chess as a present, and purchase the right set that suits the requirements of the recipient.

Creating a perfect chess set involves matching the chess board and the chess pieces in terms of size and material. If you have decided on giving a game of chess as a gift to your friends or relatives, then you have to be very precise while selecting the chess board and the pieces. What makes this process of selecting a perfect chess set more daunting is the availability of umpteen varieties in the market. Let us look at some of the different types of chess sets that are available in the market these days:

You can consider giving a theme chess set as a unique and creative gift. There are numerous theme chess sets that are available in the market and you can choose a theme that matches with the interests of the recipient. If the person, who you are giving a game of chess as a gift is a sports fan, then you can choose golf or baseball or any other sport as the theme. You can also find other themes such as animal kingdoms, celebrities, military, civil war, etc

Chess sets that are made of high quality wood are an ideal option as a gift item. Walnut, oak, ebony and rosewood are ideally used to manufacture chess sets that offer high durability and an eye catching attraction

Although chess sets are available in different shapes and sizes, but if the recipient is an avid chess enthusiast then you should consider giving a game of chess as a gift that confers with the tournament standards

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