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Game of LIFE Gifts

Giving The Game of Life as a Gift

If you are looking to gift someone a wonderful board game, why not present them with a classic Milton Bradley game known as The Game of Life; a board game which will bring hours of fun and excitement for all the participants. Even giving The Game of Life as a gift to those who do not usually appreciate board game gifts will make an exception for this one.

The Game of Life belongs to the category of board games that use fake money. However, one thing that makes it a great gift and puts it above the rest of the games in this category (like Monopoly) is the fact that the currency is not a bartering tool in the game and therefore, players need not put too much thought on being bankrupt.

In the game, players move their pieces around the board and accumulate money. In some cases like paying kids’ tuition fees or buying a new house, a player will need to give money back to the bank.

The income in The Game of Life is however much higher than the expenses. Moreover, certain spaces allow players a grant of ‘Life Tiles’ which normally give huge payouts at the end of the game. The participant who accumulates maximum wealth throughout the game is declared the winner.

Giving The Game of Life as a present to children is a great thing to do as the board game can provide a useful learning experience for them. The game introduces kids to some real-life like situations which will require them to show responsibility. Moreover the game will also enhance their creative thinking skills and ability to make wise decisions in life.

The Game of Life is widely regarded as amongst the best educational games ever invented and with the latest designs and styles, the game has become even a more desirable gift for people of all ages. For instance, adults would definitely appreciate a more sophisticated version of the game with a wooden board, silver plated coins and glass marble pieces whereas kids would like a bright and colorful theme of the game like “Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Sponge Bob’.

The game can be played between two to six players; however, some modifications have allowed the game to accommodate more players. Therefore, giving The Game of Life as a gift is also ideal for parties or large family gatherings. One of the popular variations of the game known as ‘Life: Twists and Turns’ offers a unique twist to the classic board game and allows you to have more players in the game.

In this version of The Game of Life, players are provided with an electronic life-pod which maintains the length of the game and a record of their earnings. This variation is also different in a way as the money is not the sole factor in determining the winner. Players accumulate life points throughout the game and the player with maximum life points at the end of the game is declared victorious. Increasing the number of life-pods allows you to accommodate more players into the game, eliminates paper bills and increases overall accuracy of the game.

Giving The Game of Life as a gift will make the recipients plunge into a simulated environment, where players can build and organize their lives and careers just the way they want. The concept of living your life again and again- aiming to achieve better results on every chance while working on your earlier mistakes at the same time, makes The Game of Life an interesting board game and more importantly, a wonderful present.

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