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Taboo Board Game Gifts


Giving Taboo as a Gift

There are various board games available in the market based on vocabulary and words. People with good vocabulary will particularly find these games interesting. However, such word games are great gifts for everyone as they enhance language skills and word power. Some of these games focus more attention on verbal skills of the players. The better you speak, better you will perform. Taboo is one such board game that focuses specifically on verbal side of the vocabulary. Therefore, giving Taboo as a gift is always considered as a thoughtful gesture as the game is fast, fun, interesting and educational.

Taboo is a relatively simple board game and can be played by four or more players. The game has a set of cards with words written on both sides. The number of cards varies from version to version. Other important accessories include a timer (in form of a minute hourglass), a buzzer, a card tray and a board for scoring. Taboo involves making your teammate(s) guess a certain word without making use of banned or ‘taboo’ words. By thinking of related terms or words, that help the teammates in guessing, a player tries to lead them to the highlighted word. If successful, the player advances on the board. Players with good vocabulary and knowledge of synonyms and antonyms tend to perform better in this game.

Giving Taboo as a present is a wonderful gesture but it is also important to know the taste of the recipient before shopping for a taboo board game gift. The game comes in various variations and designs. Some are strictly simple & inexpensive while others can be quite fancy & costly. Choosing a perfect Taboo game gift depends on your personal opinion and the recipient’s taste. For instance, if the recipient is an adult, you should look for something that is sophisticated and classy.

If you are giving Taboo as a gift to a child, you can buy him/her a special ‘kids’ edition of the game. The game usually has over 200 words, especially picked for children and comes in colorful & attractive designs. The game of Taboo serves as a great learning experience for kids as it encourages teamwork, improves their vocabulary and English language skills. Their parents would surely appreciate this gesture from you of presenting an educational gift and since Taboo is a team game, it would also encourage both children and parents to play the game together and spend some quality time with each other.

Another variation of Taboo that is gaining popularity is the ‘Big Taboo’. The game adds elements of Charades, 25 words or less, Pictionary and other games to the classic board game Taboo. This variation of the game is ideal as a fun party game gift as it has a little bit of everything in it. Moreover, the guessing nature of the game allows a whole group to guess together. This way everyone is always involved in the game and players don’t get bored waiting for their turns. People who frequently organize parties in their homes would definitely appreciate a gift of ‘Big Taboo’ as the game is fun, quick and educational, offers variety, accommodates more players, encourages teamwork and is therefore, a much better party game than some of other board games.

If you are looking for a gift that combines the elements of fun and knowledge, rush to your nearest toy store and buy the word guessing game of Taboo. Giving Taboo as a gift will give the recipient numerous immense joy and the true creative spirit that hide in the box of this wonderful game.

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