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TROUBLE Gift Ideas


Giving Trouble as a Gift

Not all board games are able to provide players with continuous fun and excitement. After some time they become monotonous and often find a place in the garbage can. However, a good board game gift provides participants with good amount of thrills and competition and is cherished by recipient for years to come. ‘Trouble’ is one such board game. Giving Trouble as a gift is a great thing to do as the game is fun, entertaining and will provide a joyous experience for the recipients every time they play it.

The game of Trouble is relatively simple. The game is quite similar to the game of ‘Sorry’ in which players select pieces of color of their choice and race those pieces around the board according to roll of the dice. If a piece reaches a position occupied by another player’s piece, the other person’s piece is sent back to the initial position. One quality that makes the game unique is that the dice is elegantly placed in the middle of the board. This feature of Trouble is also known as ‘Pop-o-matic’ dice container. This makes sure that dice is never lost and is located at a place where all players can reach it.

The game can be played by people of all ages which makes giving Trouble as a gift a wonderful gesture. Moreover, it comes in different variations. If the recipient likes to play games which are both long and entertaining, a game of ‘Double Trouble’ is a perfect gift for him or her and was designed using the same concept as traditional ‘Trouble’ but offers more thrills, competition, excitement and space with the an expanded board. The extended space provides players with detours and more confrontation opportunities. For people who feel that the original Trouble is short and less exciting, ‘Double Trouble’ board game is a great present for them that will surely change their perception about the game.

Trouble also serves as a great gift for children. For small kids, you can easily find modified versions of the game in the market. For instance, you can buy your kids a special kind of Trouble board game which not only is fun and entertaining but is also helpful in teaching them number recognition, simple counting and develops their creative and social skills. Even for elder children, there are lots of options available for giving Trouble as a present. For example, you can gift them a beautifully themed Trouble game that has a colorful design and pictures of their favorite fictitious characters on it.

Another modification of Trouble that has gained popularity over the years is Headache. People, who do not like concept of ‘finish’ in Trouble, and like a ‘running-fight’ game, will definitely appreciate a gift of Headache board game. In this version of Trouble, there is no ‘home’ or ‘finish’ position that players need to reach but the captured pieces are permanently lost in this case. Players move their pieces in circles until one player is left with piece(s) on the board and is therefore declared the winner. Another difference that makes the game attractive is the presence of two pop-o-matic dice. One is a normal dice and the other one is blank from five sides and has a red dot on the sixth side that allows an extra turn, if rolled.

The idea behind giving Trouble as a gift is to have people enjoy each other’s company. The game is definitely fun and engaging and the whole family can enjoy the thrills and excitement of this wonderful board game for years to come and spend some quality time together.

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