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UNO Gifts and Presents


Giving UNO as a Gift

There are number of games available these days that contain elements of both, playing cards and a board game. UNO is one such game that has entertained people for quite some time. Giving UNO as a gift is a great thing to do as it is fun, easy and challenging and can be played by entire family. The UNO deck is also different from standard playing cards and consists of simple and colorful cards with numbers and easily recognizable symbols, making them an attractive present, especially for the children.

UNO is a rather simple game. All you need to do is to match your cards in numbers or colors. If you are unable to match your card with the one played earlier, then you keep drawing cards until you pick something that you can use. The first player to get rid of his/her cards wins.

Developing your child’s mathematical and analytical skills at a young age is important. Why not improve your kid’s mathematics and problem solving skills by giving UNO as a present? UNO can be easily modified to help kids enhance their multiplication skills. Children can be made to multiply or add the two digits on the matched cards before playing their turn.

For instance, your child is playing a red six and a red three together. Make sure he multiplies the two digits and comes up with eighteen before completing his turn. This will not only improve his multiplication skills but will also keep him entertained. The game, being strategic also promotes creative thinking in children as they will form images in their brains prior to taking their turn.

To make things even more interesting for kids, you can gift them a special themed UNO game that has pictures of their favorite cartoon or fictional characters on it. For instance, if your child likes ‘Bob the Builder’ cartoon, you will definitely find a ‘Bob the Builder UNO’ game in the market or online stores that has a beautiful board and colorful cards featuring Bob, Dizzy, Lofty, Muck, Scoop, Roley and other characters from the show.

What makes UNO an appealing gift is wide range of designs and styles that it comes in. Kids particularly fancy the colorful nature of UNO decks. However, more sophisticated designs are available for adults for giving UNO as a gift. A classic UNO game contained in a beautifully designed tin is bound to please any recipient. This gift usually includes custom made gold-plated UNO cards, a special book on the game’s history, an attractive card tray, a polished card dispenser and a designer scorecard with a pencil.

Pool and beach parties have become quite common these days and with a present of waterproof UNO game, you can add oomph to the party. Such gifts come with water-resistant cards and container and allow you to enjoy a fast paced game of UNO at a beach, pool or anyplace that’s wet. You can also let your kids play this educational game in their mini pool and help them develop their creative and analytical skills while having loads of fun at the same time.

For ardent UNO fans, a gift of special UNO accessories could be a great present. For instance, you can buy your friend a gift of special UNO keychain. The UNO keychain serves the dual purpose of holding your keys and plays like a real UNO game. It’s like having a mini UNO game right in your pocket. Giving such a gift will definitely please all UNO enthusiasts who regret not having the game when they desire to play it the most.

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