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The aspect of romance is an indispensable aspect in literature of the world and one can trace the existence of romance in literary and historical works since time immemorial. In fact romance works or chivalric romance as a literary genre refers to a style of heroic prose and verse narration existent from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance in Europe.

In medieval romances recite the grand adventures of a knightly, epic knight, mostly having superhuman abilities and fights with monsters and abides by strict codes of conduct and hence wins the favor from the lady. Theydeserveit provides you with a romantic account about the aspect of romance in literary world and about the books and magazines of romance. In fact Eric Segal's romance novel 'A love story' is one of the best examples of works done on romance novels and people of all ages apparently love such novels and it's a key ingredient for romance readers to survive.

In fact romance has always been found to have been existent in every type of novel or story as we all love to imagine our lives with romance and love and its presence in some degree adds the much needed spice. The various books and magazines focusing on the aspect of romance have a high amount of sale and circulation in the international market.

The various romance stories and love novels by the famous authors starting from the ancient age and the Victorian age have always been an all time favorite with the readers and lovers of romance literary works are the best appreciators of the romance. The Shakespearean romance novel of Romeo and Juliet is one of the major landmarks in the realm of works on romance and love.

Presently the novels like Mills and Boon romance novels and the other latest works on love and romance have come up in the market. These steamy romance novels and love stories have been one of the best selling romance works in the present market and the teens currently highly enjoy these romance works focusing mostly on the aspect of romance and passion. Here we provide you with a list of romance novels from Mills and Boon genre.
  • The Ruthless Marriage Proposal
    By Miranda Lee
  • Bought for the Greek's Bed
    By Julia James
  • The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Mistress
    By Chantelle Shaw
  • The Italian Prince's Pregnant Bride
    By Sandra Marton
  • Kept by the Spanish Billionaire
    By Cathy Williams
  • All Work and No Play...
    By Julie Cohen
  • A Mother for the Tycoon's Child
    By Patricia Thayer
  • The Boss and His Secretary
    By Jessica Steele
  • Married by Morning
    By Shirley Jump
  • The Hired Husband
    By Judith Stacy
  • Rogue's Salute
    By Jennifer Blake
  • The Italian Doctor's Perfect Family
    By Alison Roberts
  • A Baby of Their Own
    By Gill Sanderson
  • The Surgeon and the Single Mum
    By Lucy Clark
  • His Very Special Nurse
    By Margaret McDonagh

Find out more about the interesting and romantic facts about romance and romance books and novels as theydeserveit keeps you updated about them.

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