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Textbooks, in any level of education are though not the ultimate sources of knowledge for kids either in school or high school or in the professional fields and the textbook publishers are the authorities in bringing out the various textbooks for the different fields of education. Theydeserveit attempts to focus on few of the aspects of textbooks and gives relevant information about the textbook publishers.

Textbook in any educational field is mostly considered to be a manual or preferably a standard book but different from a guide book. The textbooks are mostly produced according to the courses as set by the governments of different countries and the educational institutions. Most textbooks come in the printed versions by the publishing houses but few are available online as well. Johann Gutenberg's printing press is the harbinger of the trend of publishing houses for textbooks which went on to become a primary teaching document for most educational institutions in the 19th century.

A local school board in most K-12 public schools votes on the particular textbooks to be purchased from a choice of books which has been sanctioned by the state Department of Education. For most publishing houses textbook publishing is a highly lucrative business as the varied courses and educational streams promoted by educational departments and institutions nowadays. The five largest textbook publishing houses in USA are, Thomson Learning, Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Houghton-Mifflin and Harcourt General. NCERT is the pioneer in textbook publishing on a national level in India and caters to the educational necessities of the central educational board. Here we provide you with information about few of the names of the best publishing houses:

  • Prentice Hall, in New Jersey
  • Cortina Learning International, Inc. (CLI)
  • Pearson publishing house
  • A.K. Peters, Ltd. - Scientific technical publisher concentrating in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Robotics
  • ABDO Publishing Company - Educational titles for grades K-8
  • Alta Press
  • Atomic Dog Publishing
  • Bedford, Freeman & Worth - publishing textbooks on Liberal Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and the Sciences for schools and colleges
  • Bendall Books publishing house
  • Everyday Learning Corporation
  • Garamond Press - a leading independent academic publisher in Canada
  • Glencoe/McGraw Hill - publishers for grades 6-12
  • Harcourt publishing house- for K-12 Education, Higher Education, Corporate and Professional Services, and Worldwide Scientific, Technical and Medical Group
  • Irwin Publishers - Canadian publishing house covering courses from primary to post secondary
  • Key Curriculum Press - producing high school mathematics textbooks, mathematics software, supplementary materials and workbooks, videos, and manipulative materials
  • McDougall Littell- a division of Houghton Mifflin Company and a secondary education publisher specializes in language arts, world history, American history, and social studies, Spanish, French and Math
  • Mentor Books - publishing adult fiction and non fiction, children's books and educational books for post primary schools
  • Osote Publishing - produces test preparations materials
  • Plexus Publishing - publishes books on histories, folklore, and novels

Discover the amazing world of textbooks and textbook publishers as we keep you updated about the same.

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