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Theydeserveit >>Gift Items>> Chocolate Gifts >>Swiss Chocolates

Swiss Chocolates

The temptation of Swiss Chocolates is irresistible to many. Tracing its roots from Switzerland in the 2nd half of 18th century when the natives came up with the idea of soothing their taste buds and this went on to become one of world's reputed chocolate brands. Theydeserveit gives you vivid information about Swiss Chocolate.

The Swiss chocolate pioneers at the outset had to struggle a lot for their subsequent sweet success. In 18th century, residents of Yal Blenio in the Tessin popularized chocolate in Switzerland and thus few Swiss laid the foundations of the worldwide reputed Swiss Chocolate industry. They have successfully competed with the other brands of fine and gourmet chocolates and have established themselves into the current status.

The Swiss chocolate manufacturers always aimed at further improving the quality of the chocolate and their technical genius seems to have been apparently unlimited including this their ingenious accomplishment exhibited greater efficiency of machinery but also graduated to fine-tuned recipes for chocolate manufacturing. You can also apply Swiss chocolate products for making homemade chocolate and also for cooking and baking purposes.

The tasty morsels of delicious Swiss chocolates melt in mouth thanks to the ingredients of milk and cream from Swiss cows. Swiss chocolates are a key specialty of Switzerland, which has also seen the origin of milk chocolate, which is simply a treat for lovers and Swiss people, has set the record of consuming maximum amount of Swiss chocolates. Even the majority of the Swiss chocolate produced in Switzerland goes for native consumption and the rest goes for export to the various corners of the world.

Internationally Swiss chocolate is recognized for its excellent quality. The content of excellent cocoa butter gives it a smooth, creamy texture while the elevated manufacturing standards make Swiss chocolate one of the most sought after edible products worldwide. There are peak seasons for chocolate consumption like chocolate flowers in spring, chocolate bunnies in Easter including chocolates chestnuts and mushrooms in autumn. Winter leading to Christmas offers another opportunity for enjoying Christmas goodies made from the best Swiss chocolates. People in the Jura Mountains region make little chocolate watches and Bern specializes in chocolate bears.

Nestle, the most renowned name in chocolate production, is the largest chocolate manufacturing company in Switzerland. Another internationally known name displaying its chocolate and bakery stores called Sprungli in Switzerland is Lindt. Another major brand of Swiss chocolates is Suchard. There are, however, numerous small exclusive chocolate manufacturers in Switzerland having stores all over Switzerland. Toblerone being one of the best brands of Swiss chocolates tells the story of the Swiss chocolate manufacturing and the chocolate houses in the land of Switzerland account for highest per capita rate chocolate consumption universally.

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