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Theydeserveit >>Gift Items >> Clothing >> Ethnic Wear

Ethnic Wear

The word ethnic refers to common cultural bonds that arouse the feeling of togetherness among people residing in a nation. India the second most populous country in the world, boasts of a huge amalgamation of people from different socio-economic backgrounds. However, the ethnic values within them have tied them together. Such values are replicated through several activities; one such way is through our clothing. Through one is endowed with information on different Indian ethnic wear as popular gift options replicating Indian culture and heritage.

To begin with, the most favorite and acclaimed Indian ethnic wear for men are the Sherwanis. The Sherwani comprises of bright magnificent kurta, pyajama and sometimes a pagri which is an Indian form of turban. Going back to history we can get the references of Sherwani during the Rajput period. Pagris or turbans are still worn by Indian males on popular occasion like marriages. Usually Sherwanis are long coats that have front openings with buttons. They are lavishly decorated with beads, thread works and with other decors. In the men's ethnic wear section, dhoti is considered an important Indian ethnic wear gift item with a long historical significance. The dhotis and Sherwanis are usually worn during popular social gatherings. However, in normal times males go for normal casual kurtas which are generally made up of cotton.

As for the female ethnic wear, we usually refer to Sarees, Salwar Suits, Ghagra, Choli and Lehenga. The sarees are of various types ranging from the Banarasi, Silk and Zardosi and of course come in a variety of colors and shades. Silk sarees for instance, come in different variants, like the Muga silk, Tassar silk, Chamunda silk and many more. The sarees are elegantly manufactured keeping in mind the beauty and elegance of the Indian woman. The Indian silk sarees are famous globally and mostly are manufactured in south India. Karnataka is one of the important states in the manufacturing of silk sarees. The Banarasi sarees are the creation of the Varanasi district in Uttar Pradesh. Indian women who are very fond of ethnic wear, particularly sarees, really love all such kinds of sarees and traditional ethnic wear as gift items.

Apart from sarrees the salwar suits and the lehenga choli are also considered as popular Indian ethnic wear. The Salwar Suits come in different variants, colors and styles while the Lehengas are grandiosely decorated with beads' work and embroidered with colorful threads.

While buying ethnic wear designs as gift items, the fittings and quality should be kept in mind. The ethnic wear needs to be elegantly and magnificently decorated because that is what makes it look different and stylish.

To know more on dress patterns please keep flipping through the pages of

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