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Indian Clothing

'India' a land of rich heritage and culture and is recognized for the unique dressing sense and style of clothing of its people. It is nonetheless a diversified country with people from different socio, economic and religious backgrounds, each having their own style and way of clothing. When we address to Indian clothing we refer to all these sub-sections as a whole. With one is offered a deep insight into the concept of Indian clothing and how it could be used as a contemporary gift option.

The two most common Indian apparels that are famous world wide are the Indian Sarees and the Salwar Suits. These two are the most popular possession of the Indian females. India is famous for her sarees and there are numerous variants of Indian Sarees, two of the most renowned ones being Banarasi and the Silk. The Banarasi, as the name connotes, is mainly manufactured in Varanasi, a city in Uttar Pradesh. It can be said that, with ornaments and jewelries this particular brand of sari is the heart throb for girls. The Banarasi sari is worn by the females in occasions such as marriage and in different festivals. The Banarasi sarees are costly, ranging between Rs.3000 to Rs.10, 000.

The next are Silk sarees, which are found in different variants like Tassar, Muga, Kanjeevaram, Chamundi and many more. The silk sarees are made mostly in South India, Karnataka can be referred as the important state in producing Silk sarees. However, Murshidabad in West Bengal is also famous for silk sarees. There are few other variants of sarees that are mainly manufactured in North India, like Jamewar Sarees and Zardosi Sarees. The prices for these sarees also lie between Rs.2000 to Rs 10,000 or even more.

Apart for sarees, salwar suits are nevertheless another obsession for the Indian girls. The Indian clothing markets are flooded with variants of salwar suits made up of different materials and with different styles. Some of the variants of salwar suits are embroidered suits, Lucknowi suits, printed suits and many more. These come in different styles and fittings.

The salwar and sarees are undoubtedly the perennial passions for the Indian girls, but recently the Lahenga and choli have also made a deep dent into their hearts. The Lehenga and choli are the Rajasthani style of clothing mostly used for marriage ceremonies and social gatherings.

After a vivid discussion on the Female Indian Clothings, why not look into the Male Indian Clothings too. The perennial Indian clothing for men is dhoti and kurta. However, the Sherwani has also made immense impart on the males. The Sherwanis are made up of different materials and are grandiosely decorated with embroideries and with other decors. The price of the Sherwanis ranges Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 and among Indian clothing is considered popular gift options.

India with all her socio-economic disparities has diverse clothing patterns. However, the style of wearing them is different. The Bengalies were sarees in a different style where as the Marathis wear in their style, but the platform is same, we all wear the clothes that resemble the great style and substance of Indian clothing.

To know more on Indian clothing and other apparels please browse through the pages of our website,

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