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Right from the era of the Roman Empire, where its armies donned uniforms, in today's world wearing uniforms at many organizations has become a norm. As the name suggests, uniforms are meant to bring uniformity in an organization. Be it school uniforms, service and work uniforms, sports uniforms, uniforms for security and armed forces, police uniforms, prison uniforms or scouting uniforms, all serve the same purpose of bringing uniformity and discipline in an organization. A brief discussion on each of these is as follows: .

School Uniforms:
Uniforms in schools are not a new phenomenon to us. Students across the world wear uniforms while going to school. They vary from standard T-shirts to formal wear, complete with a tie at many of the private institutions. While the dress code varies from one school to the other and from country to country, in the India, the dress code at most of the schools is trousers and half sleeved shirts for boys and skirts and shirts or salwar kameez for girls. Though at some of the private institutions, the dress code for boys is trousers, shirts and ties for girls it is skirts, shirts and ties.

Work or Service Uniforms:
Often we come across some sectors such as banks, post offices, airlines, bars, restaurants and hotel employees where the workers could be easily spotted wearing uniforms. While one of the main purposes of wearing uniforms in such organizations is to inculcate a sense of uniformity and discipline amongst the workers, the other purpose that these uniforms suffice is creating a brand image for the organization.

Sports Uniforms:
Uniforms in sporting clubs and teams are not new to us. They are mainly used to inculcate team spirit amongst the players and also to identify one's team mates while a match is in progression.

Uniforms for Security and Armed Forces:
When it comes to uniforms for security and armed forces, there are not one but many kinds of variants. For example, a battle dress typically varies from everyday work uniform or dress uniform. While everyday work uniforms are meant for wearing on a daily basis and replace the medals with ribbon bars, dress uniforms are meant for ceremonies, official receptions and other special occasions.

For more information on other types of clothing, please browse through the pages of

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