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Urban Clothing

Urban Clothing, as the name suggests are the clothes usually prevalent in urban areas. Urban life is fast and dynamic one, nothing is stable and static here. The urban clothing styles changes consequently. When we speak of urban clothing the first thing that comes to our mind is the recent trends that are intellectually known as fashion. On one is provided with a deep insight into the various facets of Indian clothing styles and urban clothing is one of the popular ones.

It should be kept in mind that urban life is a multi faceted and fast-paced one and an urban dweller lives his life accordingly. The most astonishing feature is that the urban people prefer to have different clothes to wear during different situations of their life. The urban clothing in the Indian society and their significance as gift options can be categorized as such.

  • Corporate Wear: Refers to the busiest segment of an urban society. Here men folk prefer to wear formal shirts, trousers, contrasted ties that are regarded best and the most apt form of clothing. For girls, salwar suits, sarees, trousers and light colored shirts are suitable for the corporate ambiance. Accordingly, such corporate wear are decent gift options for friends and office colleagues

  • Party Wear: Parties in an urban society has its own life. A substantial section of Indian people in urban areas are party lovers. Party wear are real funky in nature. For boys, funky and bright colored shirts, jeans, and suits is the first preference. Girls on the other hand usually go with bright gorgeous sarees, salwar suits, gowns, skirts and many more. Some of the party wears sarees that females may wear the next time they go for a party are, Designer Net Sari, Pearl Designer Sari, Bright Red Georgette Sari, Onion Pink Parineeta Sari and Peach Designer Sari

  • Sports Wear: Urbanized people are very health conscious and sports play important role in their lives. For both men and women sports track suit are the definitely one of the popular options.

  • Casual Wear: As casual wear men prefer light color T-shirts with a pair of jeans or shorts. Most Indian females also prefer putting on light color T-shirts and jeans. T-shirts in this respect refers to the ordinary ones preferably not the ones that are worn in parties.

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