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Wholesale Clothing

Wholesale trade is the middlemen's trade of every business. In India, the wholesale business or wholesalers are a daily used terminology in the mind of the citizens. Through wholesale trade, we get many items of our daily necessities in rates lower normal than the retail rates. Wholesalers supply goods to the retail outlets, industrial or commercial institution. .

The popular wholesale products we commonly find are women's dresses, women's hosiery, Tops for women's, men's and kids, baby apparel, clothing accessories for men's, women's and kids etc. Each brand caters to the needs of the Indian consumers under different price range.

In the wholesale clothing market, special thrust has been given on featured products, new products, quantity discounts on featured brands focused for pushing up the sale etc. All these actions are under proper planning.

In India, there are some leading wholesalers who gave a new insight to the wholesale business. These are

  1. Bombay Dying
  2. Raymond Mills
  3. Arvind Mills
  4. Mafatlal Mills

In India, popular women's clothing are women's apparel like Tunic Tops (T-shirt) and Long Skirts. These include Kashmir embroidered, Chikan Hand Embroidered, Handblock Printed Long Kurti etc. several colorful clothes manufactured in different parts of India. Among others popular wholesale brands are Jamawar Shawls, Kashmir Embroidered Shawls, Silk Pashmina Shawls, Gujrati Shawls, Tie and Dye Shawls, Plain Pure Wool Shawls, Prayer Shawls etc several colorful clothes dominating the scene with elegance and ease.

All these wholesale brands stated above, fall under different price range. These different price ranges suit the needs of different consumers under different income bracket.

The Indian women's dress preference has a unique feature of is own. It varies from region to region and family to family. The main mode of women's wearing in India is saree. Apart from Saree, we find that there are some women who are eager to use less sarees to wear more of other dress like Salwar Kameez, Skirts, Wrap arounds, jeans, cargoes, Denims skirts, Trousers with shirts or tops etc adding extra life to women's personality.

In India, during any special moments or any special festive occasions, wholesale markets, departmental stores or shopping malls offer discount on specific brands. This attracts good customers to maximize sales by each segment.

For more details about wholesale clothing, you may browse at

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